3 Soviet Lunokhod, Venus spaceship, Gagarin landing module and many more!

Soviet Lunokhod, Venus spaceship, Gagarin landing module and many more!

Posted on April 14, 2016 by tim

This awesome place is located inside Russian agency which was developing the infamous Russian jets with “LA” index – La-5, La-7, La-250 etc and some winged missiles ZUR-205, ZUR-217 etc. It is a former top secret Soviet facility now you can, with some effort, enter and see over twenty five real Soviet space vehicles, including the Lunokhod – the Soviet moon rover and also other vehicles that traveled to moon and back: Luna-16, Luna-20, Luna-24 etc.  Also the Venera ship  which went to Venus! You can also see Gagarin’s landing module! So thanks to a Russian blogger Denis we can see them all now!

So here is a Lunokhod. This is its second version – Lunokhod 2. It travelled over 42km on the moon surface!

Here is Venera 13 (on the left) it went to Venus and back.

And this was Gagarin’s landing module -

And this was Mars-3 – third generation of Mars expedition.

And this is Moon Rover – Soviet copy of American Moon baggy. Was recreated from scratch by Soviets to be examined by scientists and understand it better.

Conical spiral antenas.

And this is an Apollo landing module, also recreated by Soviet people to better understand the American space program.

3D Stereo camera on the Lunokhod, this image might be used by WALL-E authors.

First in the world intercontinental two staged winged missile.

This module can be used to create custom satellites.

Ultra violet telescope “Spika”.

Management team of this company.

Luna 13

Luna 10.

Vega station landing module to land on Venus.

This is how Lunokhod goes to the moon surface.

This capsules used to carry 350g from Moon back to the Earth.

Venera 4 went to Venus and back.

Some more details of ultraviolet telescope “Spika”.

This thing was used to drill Mars surface.

Fobos – went to explore Mars moon Fobos.

Thanks to Denis for this awesome photos!

His website is below!

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  1. Wabbit says:

    Great pictures!

  2. TichBob says:

    Could someone translate this article into English?

  3. IronSchramm says:

    Just to be clear, none of these probes went to a ‘planet and back’, except for the moon/rock sample return of the Luna missions.

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