2 Russian Nuclear Submarine K-407

Russian Nuclear Submarine K-407

Posted on April 14, 2016 by tim

Russian photographer Oleg has went to the first presentation of a new nuclear submarine K-407. This took place back in 2010 but for some reason (probably got no authorization before) has published the photos from this top secret clearance event. Thanks to Oleg we can see how it looks from inside.

So the old tradition to break sparkling wine bottles is still in force. Top NAVY official throws a bottle.


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  1. pzkpfw says:

    Not new, but relaunched after an overhaul… In November 2008 K-407 Novomoskovsk went to the Zvezdochka plant for general overhaul and modernization. On 29 July 2012 the refit was finished and the submarine returned to active service. The submarine is expected to remain in service until 2020.

  2. Papa Karlo says:

    “So what happened to it?”
    “What do you mean, what happened to it? It just sank!”
    – V.V.Putin about the Kursk submarine.

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