2 Camping in Chukotka, Russian Style

Camping in Chukotka, Russian Style

Posted on April 8, 2016 by tim

What is Chukotka? It is sort of Russian Alaska – separated from American one by a Bering Straight. Indigenious people of Chukotka don’t need visas to travel to Alaska and have had close ties in past. It’s like Alaska, very snowy very cold land. However locals like to go camping here too. How? Thanks to Mr. Basov, a blogger from Chukotka we can now discover a Russian way to go camping in the middle of frozen nowhere. Take a look:

First thing you would need is a tracked vehicle to reach out there wherever no roads lead. It can be a regular tractor or some sort of popular here tracked expedition vehicles.

Something like this.


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    Very cool, literally,

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