12 Krasnoyarsk President Cafe Has Obama Toilet Paper and Other Strange Perks

Krasnoyarsk President Cafe Has Obama Toilet Paper and Other Strange Perks

Posted on April 6, 2016 by tim

The “President Cafe” in Krasnoyarsk tends to be “patriotic”. It has a big three colored flag on its entrance and even much more inside. Let’s see what they got:

Portraits of the President on the walls mixed with some old Soviet and modern Russian achievements on wallpaper.

The restroom is called “NATO Alliance”.

Bartenders make three colored drinks.

And starters have Russian flags.

The menus have a pic of a president riding a bear. Dishes are pretty normal – Caesar Salad, Meat plates etc.

Don’t Cry!

The NATO Alliance restroom has a toilet paper with Obama face

And here are some customers. Would you like to dine there?

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12 Responses to “Krasnoyarsk President Cafe Has Obama Toilet Paper and Other Strange Perks”

  1. Chris says:

    I love the name of the bathroom. The toilet paper is hilarious. I love the patriotism.

  2. EvaShinoda says:

    If Obama see this :D

  3. Alain says:

    Single-neuron morons…

  4. peter fawdon says:

    Not sure putting Obama’s face on toilet paper is aiming at the right target. Surely he has been a big improvement on both Bush junior and senior? As J.McCain has been very active in stirring up troubles in foreign lands, perhaps his face would be more suitable for the task of cleaning bottoms!

    John McCain

  5. john dudley says:

    I like the toilet paper,nice looking women to, an food doesn’t look so bad either.

  6. Chac Mool says:

    Hahah!! That’s a nice Republican outlet.

  7. Asmodeus says:

    Send some of that paper to Fox “News”, or to Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. They’ll love it in all those boring fund-raisers!

  8. SARAH PALIN says:

    That’s so cool! My (growing) Family will love it!
    You betcha’!!

  9. Pastor Tim says:

    I see Republicans. Republicans everywhere…!

  10. Ivan19th says:


  11. Barrie D Davey says:

    I will come back now there are more than two photos per page.

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