1 Dangerous Ice Roads of the Baikal Lake in Spring

Dangerous Ice Roads of the Baikal Lake in Spring

Posted on April 6, 2016 by tim

Russian blogger Alex was telling his readers about dangerous but very visually attractive ice roads of the Russian lake Baikal. Because the lake has the clearest fresh water in Russia it looks very awesome when it turns to ice. And in spring this ice cracks making it to look even much more visually awesome. Let’s see what he got.

Nowadays there is a normal road around the lake, but before the locals only used the ice in winter.

At this time of the year cracks in the ice appear very fast. Alex says this crack was growing literary as he watched it.

And in eighteen hours it looked already like this.

It is illegal to go on the ice with your car.

Especially now. But they did this.


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  1. Andy says:

    Impressive…almost feel fresh and cold breeze. Very nice!

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