20 Ghost Town Under Moscow

Ghost Town Under Moscow

Posted on April 2, 2016 by team

There are many abandoned cities in the world, one of the most notorious is Pripyat near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Empty houses might be seen under Moscow as well. Russian “Pripyat” is situated fifteen minutes away from the Moscow Ring Road. Look at these pictures, this place is empty, no people live here.

Apartment complex “Yuzhnoye (Southern) Domodedovo” is intended for twenty thousand residents. The construction began in 2011 and the first buildings had to get into service in 2013. That’s how it was promised. But they haven’t commissioned a single house.

The sales office is abandoned too. It was occupied by sales people who lied to people that their houses would be put in service soon.

Shells of the first houses had been built very quickly, it attracted money from citizens for further construction of twenty houses more. However they didn’t hurry to get the houses occupied. The complex required a boiler house to be built, but the home builder didn’t do this.

Several years of non use and the houses started to dilapidate. Besides that, workers were not being paid. Sometimes, out of despair, they removed windows to sell and buy a ticket home.

Plunderers have done their job.

“New apartments! Come and buy yours cheaply!”

Where are all the happy new settlers?

Looks very sad…


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20 Responses to “Ghost Town Under Moscow”

  1. Kristjan Freirik says:

    The quality seems really bad…

  2. tom bauer says:

    ‘The quality is horrible, by the way.’ is a very understatement. it will start falling down in a decade. who would risk living there?

  3. Papa Karlo says:

    It’s not good to live in a subdivision like this anyway. It was OK for 1970-80s, but to live in a supercrowded community like this in this age, is self-inflicted torture? It is worse overcrowded than in Hong Kong and other Chinese cities!
    Greed is evident in everything in Russia these days – to sell as many apartments per square mile as possible.

  4. Jewels Vern says:

    And apparently the only buildings in Russia that used colors.

  5. Douglas says:

    Let me sum this up with one word: Corruption.

    • Pom2Ter says:

      You said just what I was thinking I would post but I saw you already posted it. Seriously it’s sad for these people that their money what stolen and now they end up with nothing… Since the one responsible is a city official I have to ask is there any chance that something positive will be done to help them?

      • Pom2Ter says:

        Sorry for posting twice I just wanted to make my question clearer. By something positive I mean since the fortune of the deputy of the Moscow City Duma official responsible for that mess is evaluated at about 2 billions $USD can’t the authorities seize his assets?

    • Gazza says:

      Corruption? Or just simply a incompetent privately-owned developer of the sort that you can find in any country? They build a sub-standard development, and find they cannot sell them. Corruption doesn’t appear to be the issue…

  6. aldebaran says:

    no comment… modern day hrushievka buildings

  7. L Tuggle says:

    Welcome to Capitalism my dear friends. Not much has changed has it? It doesn’t matter what the system is, it’s always the same: The rich get more rich and the poor get more poor. When the bankers looted our stock market a few years ago, only ONE man went to jail (Madoff) and that was because he stole from his fellow rich of the same religion. It wasn’t the theft of Billions, it was the betrayal of his own class that was unacceptable. I’m sorry for the working people who invested in the apartments and have been robbed of their money. I’m sure that those in power will track the villains down, get back the people’s money and send the criminals to the Lubyanka. I will wait for news.

  8. John says:

    Wow, The quality alone is a complete disaster never mind anything else. I don’t think I’d live in one of those apartments even for free, You’ve got to consider it could fall apart under your feet.
    After a while the local government will have to demolish the whole thing or pay people to live in it.

  9. Maroš says:

    Still building from prefabricated concrete panels…Looks like photos from 70s/80s

  10. Martin Barlow says:

    Follow the money

  11. Douglas says:

    It appears that the ground is not stable for these tall heavy buildings. If the buildings continue to settle….omg, what a problem that will be. The solution: dynamite.

  12. Papa Karlo says:

    The quality of these buildings is far superior to anything which was built in Soviet times after about 1965. Look to cities like Nizhnekamsk or Tolyatti and see for yourself, how much worse those are.
    This color scheme is pure feast for the eyes, after horrible grey drab buildings of the late Soviet cities, even the best ones, like newer Moscow subdivisions.
    So really I don’t see what’s wrong with the quality comparing to Soviet standards. The inside of the rooms shown is just awesome, especially the hidden in the floors heating piping – in the best Soviet apartments there were ugly steel pipes in each room instead. The washrooms were even worse, with ugly cast iron vertical main sewer pipes with inspection openings exposed.
    The standardized Soviet bathtabs and sinks were very sturdy but horrible looking too.

  13. nikoliy says:

    The pictures are a bit misleading. I totally agree whoever was building this section was ripping people off. However right next to it are actually very nice buildings, you can see them on Google map…


    Probably why people bought into the scam.

  14. Friend of the people says says:

    That is capitalism for you.

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