6 Soviet Traffic Controllers on the Streets of Europe

Soviet Traffic Controllers on the Streets of Europe

After Russian army entered Europe in 1944-45 they have started putting their traffic controllers on the crossroads of the main European cities. Same thing was done by Nazi commanders a few years
before - they have installed the German language road signs all over the Europe and conquered part of Russia, now this time the road signs were in Russian. Let's see how it was.

0 Russian Strategic Bombers Tu-22m3 on a March

Russian Strategic Bombers Tu-22m3 on a March

These machines are rare target for the airplane spotters and it was a big luck, says Svetlana, the author of the photos, that they got them. One of the most nice looking Russian planes, the strategic
TU-22M3s were on a march from Novosibirsk, Russia to Tajikistan where they were invited in Russia-Tajikistan drill near the Afghanistan border. Let's see them up close, thanks to Svetlana:
6 Fighting for Ukraine

Fighting for Ukraine

"Hey, guys, what are you fighting for?" "Because of Ukraine!". "But you are Russian guys, why do you fight for Ukraine?" Even the lowest "spheres"
of society have a quarrel on the subject of Ukraine. By the way it was filmed in Norilsk - "the most polluted city on the Earth".
98 No Respect for an American Flag

No Respect for an American Flag

Some disturbing trend you can see in Russian cities lately. People treat American flag with total lack of respect. American flags can be seen
stumped, used as door mats, used as mops for floor sweeping, being dragged after cars etc etc. Here is a few examples of such behavior:

18 Soviet Union in 1985

Soviet Union in 1985

Year 1985 was an important year. That year Soviet Communist party and Gorbachev started declaring their "new course". People were not afraid, they got used that top official words mean little for their everyday lives. But not at this time. Who could just imagine
that because of this worlds their life would change drastically, the things they got used would disappear and the Soviet State itself would cease to exist just in a few years? And this is how the life looked just on the verge of all this:

4 Whats New in the Museum of the Northern Fleet Aviation?

Whats New in the Museum of the Northern Fleet Aviation?

This bay in Safonovo village under a northern Russian city of Murmansk is a place of the first aircraft seadrome that appeared in 1936. Today it's a location of the Museum of Northern Fleet
Aviation. It was reopened last year after reconstruction, now it has a new hangar for aircrafts which is a good historical exposition. On the image above is a Be-6 monument in the bay.

0 Planes on Soviet Playgrounds

Planes on Soviet Playgrounds

Not only the tanks were frequent guests on playgrounds of Soviet kids. Planes were there for kids enjoyment as well. Lot of them, hundreds probably of ex-war and civil planes
scattered around all the Soviet country and attracting tens of happy kids every day to climb, play, ride, pinch, trying to open etc etc. Here are a few of those!

3 Beauty of St. Petersburg in Summer 2015

Beauty of St. Petersburg in Summer 2015

It's spring now, but let's remember how St.Petersburg will look like just a few years from now. They call it the most beautiful city in Russia and it's for a reason! Awesome channels, like in Amsterdam,
architecture, like in Rome and Venice, green parks like in Barcelona - St. Petersburg has a lot of common with other major European cities. Let's see what' so cool about it, thanks to Russian blogger Mikhail!
3 Awesome Russian Tu-160 Planes in the Making!

Awesome Russian Tu-160 Planes in the Making!

  Another set of awesome photos from Russian military factory building and repairing Russian legendary TU-160 transcontinetal jet bomber. The ones that can fly around the Earth non stop (with a refuel in air). Usually the other photos from Russian aircraft factories showed just regular SU and MiG planes and never such huge white
beauties like these Tu-160. But this time, thanks to a visit of one top official to this factory the journalists who were escorting him were able to shoot around and then were allowed to publish this, thru Tatarstan news agency and thanks to this we are able to view these photos too on this Friday day. Enjoy the view!

6 Friday Cuteness: Soviet Pre-School Kids on the Walk

Friday Cuteness: Soviet Pre-School Kids on the Walk

It's Friday today and here are a few cute pictures of Soviet pre-school kids going on the walk. In Soviet times they used such long ropes with
rings on both sides which kids had to hold on while walking in order not to get lost and the teachers were holding both sides of the rope.

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