44 Tank Apocalypse in Donbass

Tank Apocalypse in Donbass

The armed forces of Ukraine lost almost 200 tanks in less than a year in Donbass. We have a huge
collection of tank apocalypse pictures from there. Try to evaluate the scale of the loss.

3 Neptune: Super Secret Submarine

Neptune: Super Secret Submarine

In 1991 they launched a very unusual submarine in the Severodvinsk dockyard in Russia - many illuminators on its sides and bright yellow color. No torpedo launchers and missile compartments, of course! Western secret service would go crazy if it had
a chance to see it! "What is this? Any Soviet secret weapon? Why so many illuminators? Underwater intelligence apparatus? They build large nuclear missile carriers and this thing is so small... Small but utterly dangerous??"

2 Bathhouse For Ice Swimmers on the State Line

Bathhouse For Ice Swimmers on the State Line

Blagoveschensk is a small Russian city bordering China. It is separated from the neighboring country with the Amur river. Locals began to practise ice swimming more than ten years ago. But they
had no place to warm after all. They they do. This bathhouse is only one in Russia located at the frontier. Blogger smit-smitty has visited the place and took interesting photos..

2 Faces of Soviet Young Rail Road Students

Faces of Soviet Young Rail Road Students

Just an old album of photos devoted to Soviet kids who studied in the rail road college. Many of them were already working in post WW2 Soviet
Russia on positions connected with rail road: conductors, station duty officers etc. Just take a look at the faces of long gone time.

7 First Rockets Arrive to Russian New Spaceport “Kosmodrom Vostochny”

First Rockets Arrive to Russian New Spaceport “Kosmodrom Vostochny”

First rockets arrived at Russian new spaceport - "Cosmodrome Vostochny". Thanks to Marina, the only blogger who got there yet, we can see what's going on there these
days! She has saw the newest Russian Soyuz-2.1a rockets, and saw how the last inspections were made before the actual launch. Let's see what she found!

0 Historical Photos of Assassination of Russian Minister of the Interior

Historical Photos of Assassination of Russian Minister of the Interior

Vyacheslav Konstantinovich von Plehve was the director of Imperial Russia's police and later Minister of the Interior. He was killed by a socialist-revolutionary, student Yegor Sazonov, who threw a bomb into his carriage. The reason was Jew
bashing in Kishinev in April 1903. Those events were used by all revolutionary parties of Russia who put all the blame on Plehve as he was resisting them through the entire period of his rule in the Ministry of the Interior.

8 Abandoned Northern Land

Abandoned Northern Land

This time - about abandoned lands of the country that used to be great, the USSR. They were never occupied with military bases and finally were assumed to be an unneccessary burden. These photos are a part of project "Far Lands" of Andrey Shapran, who since 2005 has travelled to the Southern Kuril Islands, Yakutia, Yamal, Krasnoyarsk region, Chukotka and Kamchatka. In fact these images don't need to be commented, just take time to look at them silently.
The territories are closed for people since the Soviet time. It's still hard to reach, but now the reason is different, it's hard to do technically. North Cape - this is how the territory was named by James Cook himself, he was there in 1778. It was the northernmost place he ever reached. The Russian throne belonged to Catherine II then, and these lands only started to emerge on maps from white spots.

8 Mysteries of Ural

Mysteries of Ural

The Urals naturally divide Europe from Asia. This land keeps many secrets that have been puzzling
scientists for centuries. We are going to tell you about some of them in this post.

2 USSR As Seen by LIFE Magazine Reporters

USSR As Seen by LIFE Magazine Reporters

This is a big cool collection of pictures made by LIFE magazine reporters in the USSR at different
times. They cover many aspects of Soviet life and still make Russian people feel nostalgic.

0 Motors of War Exhibited in Moscow

Motors of War Exhibited in Moscow

These days, March 18-20, "Krokus Expo" exhibition center of Moscow, invites people to see different cars of the war time made in the USSR, Germany, USA, England, France, Canada, Italy and Japan. The best
museums of the capital and private collectors present their treasures to public as part of exhibition "Motors of War". Eugene Chesnokov has made good photos from the place. Enjoy them right now.

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