7 Competition of Gunfire Masters 2016

Competition of Gunfire Masters 2016

Posted on March 29, 2016 by team

Another military report from blogger smit-smitty. In Primorye he has visited an elimination round of the all-Russian competition “Gunfire masters-2016″. Twelve teams from all the Eastern military district gathered on the ground field in Sergeevka to demonstrate their skills of shooting from mortars and launchers.


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7 Responses to “Competition of Gunfire Masters 2016”

  1. ed brown says:

    Russian mortar specialists are well known in Ukraine.
    They usually fire mortars from densely populated areas, using civilians as a shield.

    • Cover me, Porkins! says:

      Scared “Ed”? Please let us know when you finally ask the opinion of those shelled civilians, intsead of wishing mayhem and death to all, little hypocrite sadist. If you really are so worried about them, of course. Hurry!

      • ed brown says:

        Why should I be scared? I live in the US. Russia would never risk to mess with America. Russians are brave against weak countries only, like Ukraine or Georgia.
        I personally know many people in Donetsk. Sometimes we communicate through Skype. They told me that their normal life was destroyed by Russian invasion. They lost their jobs, it became very unsafe to live in Donetsk and they had to flee to other Ukrainian cities. And yes, they confirm that they saw Russian military personnel and Russian weapons in Ukraine. Some Russians speak with very distinct accent, not typical to Ukraine, some are not even Slavs but are people from Caucasus or from Eastern regions of Russia near Mongolia. And they confirm that Russians chose their fighting positions in the proximity of schools, hospitals and resident areas so that if Ukrainians fire at them, they would inadvertently harm civilians.

        • Igor says:

          Russian war against the weak ? Tell it to Napoleon and Hitler . US war only against the strong. Vietnam and Korea kicked your ass. Defenseless Libya and Iraq , here are your rivals . Fucking America carries only destruction and misery around the world. Syria was the most safe and friendly country while America has not brought back his fucking democracy. That you do not dare mess with Russia , because you , the Americans , all cowards , and this whole world knows.

        • Cover me, Porkins! says:

          @”ed brown”

          Thanks for confirming your sadist death wishes again, “Ed”.

          …”Russia would never risk to mess with America…”. Please let us know why should Russians do that. Neither the US Miltary, even if you have wet dreams about that self-annihilating scenario. That’s why hate-spreading, warmongering proxies always come handy.

          -…”Why should I be scared? …”. Who knows? Even pristine landscapes get you in panic, urging you to erupt and spread hate and death wishes against millions of people you don’t know. I wonder why…

          -…”They lost their jobs, it became very unsafe to live in Donetsk and they had to flee to other Ukrainian cities…”. And also INTO Russia. LOL. You didn’t know? Check that, that’s very easy to confirm. Before your irrational hatred makes you “skip” reality some more.

          -…”their normal life was destroyed…”. I wonder why your “friends” didn’t tell you anything about people dying inside their villages from rocket fire and heavy artillery shells from Kiev. Of course, those deaths and destruction are not worth to mention by your “friends”. But your fantaies can’t deny them, and you know it, little sadist.

          -…”Russians chose their fighting positions in the proximity of schools, hospitals and resident areas…”. So, I guess that makes it “OK” to bomb and kill everybody there, because, well, you want to have all those “Russians” killed, right? Even if they have lived there for ages.

          -…”Some Russians speak with very distinct accent, not typical to Ukraine…”. And you should expect a lot more in there. You see, when you attack and kill people who disagrees with you (instead of just listening to them and reach agreements), you should expect their angry realtives to line up and come to defend their folks, with or without a regular army.

          If you didn’t think about that simple “detail”, and now you are “surpised”, that makes your fervent death wishes even more evident –and delusional.

          You “worry” about a lot of things, except about the people who actually have been living in the area for centuries. Why?

          There’s no problem for you if they can’t vote (because Democracy was “outlawed” since the start), and much less if they get all killed… far, far away from your comfortable couch. Nice “values” of yours.

          So, “Ed”, we know well that having people killed is no problem for you. That’s exactly what you want. Your “concern” about the people living in the area, is a worthless, hypocrite joke.

          Please confirm that again, no problem.

    • Ironwolf11 says:


  2. Oscar Goldman says:

    Thanks “ed”. Please confirm again that simply killing “Russians” (wherever they might happen to live), it’s OK for your paranoid Russophobia. And that’s all you have.
    Love your “principles”.

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