32 Russian And German Soldiers Taken Prisoner

Russian And German Soldiers Taken Prisoner

Posted on March 28, 2016 by team

  The moment of capture and first days after. Rather dramatic like the war itself. What a mix of different qualities might emerge – cowardice, heroism, despair and joy. We are not going to show the scenes of propaganda, violance and humiliation.

On these images opponents show interest for each other and do not express cruelty. But we surely know and never forget that millions of Soviet soldiers were finally killed in Nazi camps.

However, let this publication be more about curiosity. Someone is getting medical aid, another one is treated to a cigarette…

One of the first German downed pilots.

German soldiers providing medical help to the Red Army soldier.

One of the most popular photos. Hero of the Soviet Union, fighter pilot, major Yakov Antonov at the first interrogation.

Germans taking prisoners.

Germans taken prisoners.

Germans again.

Germans captured.

Some try to settle in.


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32 Responses to “Russian And German Soldiers Taken Prisoner”

  1. Rabbi Goldstein says:

    goyim soviets

    You destroyed your last hope…

    L’chaim, the world is ours now.

    • No Mame says:

      That’s right, FAKE Troll. Your beloved Genocidal Nazis were quashed in humiliating defeat. You can cry and whine butthurt for another 70 years. What else can you do?

  2. Ivan19th says:

    People began to forget…

  3. Dan says:

    Some soldiers were killed in soviets camps, many civilians were killed in soviets camps so many people were killed by soviets! Don’t try to appear victims!

    • Ball Breaker says:

      Yes they were victims. Last time I noticed, the Soviet Union was invaded in a surprise attack by Nazi Germany in 1941.

      And, by the way, if the Soviets had behaved just in the same way as Nazis did, East Germany would have been completely depopulated in just 4 years. Women, kids, granpas, all killed. NO survivors.

      …”Don’t try to appear victims!” LOLZ!

      • Olton says:

        Germany’s government believed it had to prevent an imminent Soviet attack. Therefore they invaded the USSR. Think about it – Germany always wanted to avoid a two-front-war – but they had no choice. Stalin amassed troups on the border and would have attacked a few weeks later.

        • nikoliy says:

          what a load of BS…

          Stalin, unlike Western leaders, was able to read and understand ‘Mein Kampf’. Were it clearly stated the goal of conquering USSR.

          • Ball Breaker says:

            …”had to prevent an imminent Soviet attack…”. I don’t think so. The Soviets were caught with their pants down, and that’s how the Wehrmacht could reach the outskirts of Moscow in months.

            -“Stalin amassed troups on the border…”. Really? According to whom? You? LOL.
            Stalin really believed in the “Nazi-Soviet Peace Pact”. He didn’t believe in the accurate warnings of his own spies about the German troops moves and concentrations. Stalin did nothing, and the Soviets continued to export very valuable goods to Nazi Germany, even on the same day of the invasion.
            It took a week for a stunned Stalin to realize the Soviet Union was really attacked by Nazi Germany.

            It took the Soviets 6 months to recover and stop the Germans. Then the Germans began to die… until they were obliterated a few years later.

            PS: Check out the story of Richard Sorge (and his reports). Go ahead, google it.

    • Name says:

      I live next to a former POW camp (the Nazi Stalag XXC), where some 14000 Soviet prisoners of war were killed. The weapons of choice were starvation and illness – the Germans didn’t want to waste bullets apparently…
      14K young men, very much like you and me, forced to go to war, just to get captured by Germans upon arrival and be deemed traitors by their own motherland. Thousands and thousands slowly dying in a big field. No food, no medicine or shelter… and right next to them, in a seperate sector behind a fence were the English, the French and other Western prisoners, playing volleyball, enjoying food from Red Cross parcels and getting hospitalised.
      Before the “liberation”, all surviving Soviet prisoners were taken on a death march to Germany. The (empty) camp was then used by the Soviet invaders against their own enemies, or just people they didn’t like very much…

      My point is: the world was never black and white.

  4. Dan says:

    People who live with Soviet bot on the head, will never forget!

    • Major Tom says:

      The invaded civilians who were killed by the tens of millions (in just 4 years) haven’t forgotten anything.

  5. Dan says:

    Soviet = Nazi

    • Major Tom says:

      Well, both were tyrannical dictatorships who didn’t regard much value to human life, and well, both are long gone now.

      Nazis were at the time the only Totalitarian Regime attacking countries (and killing people) based on Racism. And were destroyed by the “superior” war they started. They don’t have my sympathy.

  6. john dudley says:

    Excellent and interesting photo’s.

  7. German says:

    Actually many of these pictures seem to be propaganda. Most german literature, many german people and my own grandparents told, that the russians raped and killed lot of people. Books may lie, many people may lie, but my grandparents don’t lie. You can see it in their faces, when they tell about the incidents after war.

    • Phillip Jennings says:

      Yes, you have propaganda pics from both sides here. It’s amusing to see the Germans “providing medical help to the Red Army soldier”, when most of captured Soviets were left to starve an die (and a lot were even gassed).

      …”but my grandparents don’t lie…”. And they shouldn’t. I just wonder, what on Earth did they expect? Some kind of ‘thanks’ for an invasion, destruction and the slaughter of millions of civilians? Nazi troops in the East left the worst civilian death count in WW2. Way bigger than all the other Armies put together in that war.

      “..You can see it in their faces, when they tell about the incidents…”. It was worse for everybody else, trust me. Ask them about it.

      • Olton says:

        The Soviet POVs perished in German camps because there was not enough food. A direct result of Stalin’s policy of “burned earth”.

        • Phillip Jennings says:

          …”perished in German camps because there was not enough food…”. Mmm… No. That doesn’t explain the Nazi hangings, shootings (and even gassing) of “inferior” Soviet prisoners (military and civilian). You need to try harder to whitewash Massive Death. If that’s your intention, of course.

      • Frank says:

        I think in general the frontline troops might have had respect for one another, (that is what my father told me) He fought in 1941 around Minsk and Brest as a member of the Waffen SS. But the troops that followed, in the case of the Germans the administrative part of the SS they considered anybody not German as “below humans”. The Russians were of course at least as bad. Of the 100 000 prisoners they took at Stalingrad only 5000 returned to Germany.

        • Phillip Jennings says:

          Of course the “Russians” (you mean, Soviets) were “angry” They got attacked, invaded –and had their relatives killed by the millions inside their farms. I guess that explains why today’s Germans are not planning an invasion to Russia this summer.

  8. nikoliy says:

    Meanwhile in Poland the government is removing 500 monuments and memorials to fallen Red Army soldiers…

    • Asmodeus says:

      It’s undestandable. As long as Poles don’t build monuments and memorials to Nazi soldiers, I see no problem. Nazis only liked the Poles when they were forced to work to death and starved. Too many died that way.

      • nikoliy says:

        Well then lets reverse all that Soviets did in Poland, like give them large parts of Germany. Polish people are not complaining about the millions of deported Germans. 20-25% of pre WW2 German territory is now west Poland.

        • guilermo says:

          Learn some history. Russia took Polish territory on east, and incorporated it to its republics – Ukraine, Bielarus, Lithuania. Then it kind of occupated Poland for some 50 years. Do you know that first Polish president after WW2 Boleslaw Bierut was Soviet agent? Poland was not a free country until 1989.

    • Frank says:

      Are you surprised? The same time Hitler invaded Poland Stalin did so as well. They were friends at that stage and had agreed on making Poland vanish. And then there was of course the “Katyn forest massacre”

      • Cover me, Porkins! says:


        Katyn? That was bad. The Soviets didn’t kill 3 Million (Civilian) ethnic Poles in only 5 years. Nazis did. And not counting all the Jewish people slaughtered with them. “Wonderful”!

        I wonder if you are “surprised” about these 70 year old “news”…

        • Frank says:

          I am quite well aware of WW 2 history, and also the atrocities committed, but just saying that German atrocities were terrible, does not excuse Soviet atrocities. Why should the Polish be fond of Russia. They invaded the country, committed atrocities and dominated its politcal and economical life for more than 50 years.

          • Cover me, Porkins! says:

            The Poles attacked and invaded Soviet Ukraine in the 1920’s. That was a bad idea. Paranoid Stalin didn’t forget.

            Later, the Poles got enslaved to death and mass killed by Nazi mad racists. Millions died during the Nazi “occupation”. Then Poland got opressed by paranoid Soviets for 45 years.

            I guess it’s never a good idea to underestimate and attack your neighbors.

      • Asmodeus says:

        “Katyn”? That’s for kids, “Frank”. Check out “Babi Yar”. That’s a nice Genocide. Go ahead, let us know more about your fake “indignation” -or your sadist opinion.

  9. somejoe says:

    Why are Soviets “Detaining the camouflaged Soviet scout” in picture 2 on page 4?

  10. Armstrong says:

    Old friends: nazi Germans and communist Soviets.

    • Asmodeus says:

      Ummm… No. The Soviets crushed almost all of those genocidal Racist Nazis on their own front. That’s the BIG difference.

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