9 Open Architectural and Ethnographic Museum of Kostroma

Open Architectural and Ethnographic Museum of Kostroma

Posted on March 27, 2016 by team

There is an interesting museum of Russian wooden architecture in Kostroma. It is called “Kostroma Sloboda” and lies on the rivers Volga and Kostroma, at the walls of Ipatievsky monastery. Blogger deni-spiri has been there and photographed old wooden houses, however the weather could be much better.


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9 Responses to “Open Architectural and Ethnographic Museum of Kostroma”

  1. Papa Karlo says:

    In the city where I grew up, there were hundreds of wooden houses like this one.
    All were destroyed by corrupt and vandal city authorities in 2000s, and replaced by tasteless and enormously expensive mansions (in which their representatives live now).

  2. john dudley says:

    Beautiful old buildings,nice to see picture’s of them.

  3. Peter Nebelung says:

    Beautiful buildings. We have nothing like that here in Canada as far as I know. The carvings show an artists touch and great skill with simple hand tools.

    • Papa Karlo says:

      Look up photos of historical Toronto or Montreal circa 1900, you’d be amazed, they looked not much worse than St Petersburg today. Then everything was destroyed and replaced by “glass-concrete-metal” buildings. In the 1960s, they even wanted to demolish the Parliament building in Ottawa and replace it with a block of concrete buildings, so it survived only by miracle.

  4. Frequent Flyer says:

    Please don’t copmpare St. Petersburg to Montreal (?). It makes you look more childsh.

  5. Barrie D Davey says:

    Wonderful, if ever they need another curator, as long as i could live in one of those houses, the jobs mine.

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