1 Cosmonauts Getting Ready for a Flight

Cosmonauts Getting Ready for a Flight

Posted on March 26, 2016 by team

Space suit blowdown is carried out prior to each flight several hours before the launch. Journalists and relatives come to see how space suits of cosmonauts are proofed for impermeability. Then they have some time to talk to their families.

Before leaving the hotel, the cosmonauts sign on doors of their rooms with black markers. It’s a tradition kept since the Soviet time.

To the music of a popular Russian space song the crew come out of the training center and get in the bus to head to the cosmodrome.

A specially equipped bus transports the main crew, another one carries backup crew members. The buses are followed by the police.

Relatives of the cosmonauts, journalists and space tourists come to the launch pad too.

Soon we are invited to a special room with purified air and a glass partition, where the crew members appear dressed in space suits.

Onboard engineer Oleg Skripochka.

NASA astronaut Jeffrey Williams.

Cameramen do their job.

Commander of the crew.

Commander takes his place in a lodgemen first. Lodgements are custom made according to individual physical features of cosmonauts.

Now they put on a full pressure helmet and gloves and then proof the space suit for  impermeability.

Each suit is provided with a ventilation system – some canals are used to supply conditioned air to the entire body, others are used for air suction.


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  1. Jo says:

    So awesome! I would love to see a spaceship launch in real.

    So what is their mission, and how long will they be gone?

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