3 Neptune: Super Secret Submarine

Neptune: Super Secret Submarine

Posted on March 24, 2016 by team

In 1991 they launched a very unusual submarine in the Severodvinsk dockyard in Russia – many illuminators on its sides and bright yellow color. No torpedo launchers and missile compartments, of course!

Western secret service would go crazy if it had a chance to see it! “What is this? Any Soviet secret weapon? Why so many illuminators? Underwater intelligence apparatus? They build large nuclear missile carriers and this thing is so small… Small but utterly dangerous??”

Nothing of that kind! 1991 was the year of the country collapse, so everything is much simpler. It was “Neptune”, the first excursion submarine built in the Soviet Union.

“Neptune” was intended to be used at the depth up to 60 meters.


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3 Responses to “Neptune: Super Secret Submarine”

  1. Jim Philopena says:

    Anyone can see it’s a research sub. Nice of you to try an paint the west as war mongers. Your propaganda machines still seem to be working well.

  2. Chac Mool says:

    This sub would be a total hit in the crystal clear Caribbean. I’d sure take a submarine ride there.

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