7 First Rockets Arrive to Russian New Spaceport “Kosmodrom Vostochny”

First Rockets Arrive to Russian New Spaceport “Kosmodrom Vostochny”

Posted on March 22, 2016 by tim

First rockets arrived at Russian new spaceport – “Cosmodrome Vostochny”. Thanks to Marina, the only blogger who got there yet, we can see what’s going on there these days!

She has saw the newest Russian Soyuz-2.1a rockets, and saw how the last inspections were made before the actual launch. Let’s see what she found!




So the actual space rockets are already here.

The train was moving very slow  – probably 4 km/h.

This actual rocket has no fuel inside yet.

The territory of the spaceport is secured by perimeter and also inside there is plenty of guards (some with dogs).


This tower serves all supplies to rockets. Then after it you can peek at the actual launch site.

The rocket passes thru the tower and the spaceport construction workers photograph it with their mobile phones and tablets.

The gap on both sides of the rocket inside the tower just a few centimeters.

Then the missile arrives at the launch site and will be raised. Marina says it takes a few hours for the specialists to prepare to raise it.

Then the actual raising operation lasts just four seconds. Then the tower (on left side) will arrive.


Because of the harsh local climes the equipment is designed to work even at minus 50 degrees centigrade.

This will be the first rocket launched from this new cosmodrome.

The snow here melts only in May.

This is a “gas bleeder” takes the exhaust gases out of the launching site.


If someone were here during launch he would see a fierce storm in an instant coming out of this opening above.

Here the mobile tower has arrived.

Ordinary workers wear red hats white hats are for the managers and bosses.

They plan to finish it fully in seven more years.

It would be the only cosmodrome in Russia to launch missiles with cosmonauts on Russian territory.

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Thanks a lot to Marina for these photos!


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7 responses to “First Rockets Arrive to Russian New Spaceport “Kosmodrom Vostochny””

  1. elpuma loco says:

    Thank you Marina for a fascinating reportage on Vostochny.

    I have been following the development of Russia for a long time. It always surprises me how several massive projects are built, quietly and without involvement of outside countries. In one way Russia is still a very independent country!

    You are a good photographer, with an eye for catching the perfect setting. You manage to include the human element in your photos. For instance photo 15 of a man taking a photo of the rocket on his tablet, or the guard dogs.

    I know this is a new facility but everything looks so clean! (I build large hydroelectric projects, so I know how difficult it is to be clean on a construction site).

    This is a great achievement for Russia. I am sure the people working at Vostochny are very proud.

  2. john dudley says:

    Great posting, awesome photo’s,nice piece of engineering.And much future success with all launches yet to come. Great to see.

  3. kwhunter says:

    lots of debris in the “gas bleeder” that will be blown away… bad job

    • Oscar Goldman says:

      Don’t worry so much. Reliable Soyuz is the best choice of NASA’s Astronauts for a lift to space today.

    • elpuma loco says:

      Hi Kwhunter, you do realize that the construction phase is not yet 100% complete? And that would include final clean up before launching the first rocket. Have you ever worked on a construction project? Many months will elapse between the date when the photos were taken and the launch of the first rocket. I am a project engineer on large hydroelectric developments.

  4. RB says:

    Congratulations from Canada on your new rocket pad and also on your successful Mars launch.

  5. Peter Nebelung says:

    Glad to see that Russia is still pushing the boundaries of space. It seems like the US has given up. I was hoping to live long enough to see man living on the Moon or Mars. Fingers crossed, maybe it will still happen.

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