8 Mysteries of Ural

Mysteries of Ural

Posted on March 19, 2016 by team

The Urals naturally divide Europe from Asia. This land keeps many secrets that have been puzzling scientists for centuries. We are going to tell you about some of them in this post.

But what’s more interesting about the cave is its gallery full of drawings made by primitive people. There are about 40 groups of the drawings, they are believed to be made almost fourteen thousand years ago. It’s mostly animals and geometric symbols (still unexplained) depicted on the cave walls.  Who knows, maybe this cave served as a temple for someone?

This human silhouette in the remotest place is probably the biggest mystery of the Ignatievka cave. Locals suppose it’s a miraculous image of the Virgin, they go there to pray. Scientists tend to believe that it was carved out of limestone by people who lived there centuries ago, it is so well-preserved due to the special microclimate of the cave.

Ignateva cave is a monument of nature and culture that is of world importance.


Arkaim is a settlement in the south of the Chelyabinsk region, being the remaining evidence of a civilization that was discovered as recently as 1987. This fortified settlement of the Bronze Age was found by chance by a Russian archaeological expedition that came to examine the place planned for reservoir construction.

Such discoveries have a global importance and happen once in a century.
Archaeologists paid attention to the strange relief of the locality and started excavations that finally revealed an ancient settlement that consists of a bypass ditch, two rings of earthworks and a central square. The earth mounds are remains of strong fortified walls, complex defence structures, in each ring are dwelling spaces with proper stoves, craft workshops and warehouses. These cities are quite original, they differ from other, previously known settlements.

It is still unknown what culture could create this settlement and why. However a group of Russian scientists (who do not have much support from the academic community) insist on an Aryan origin of the city and believe it to be the cradle of the human civilization.

Dyatlov Pass.

You probably know this story about the group of tourists who went on a difficult ski tour and never came back from the Ural mountains. They were all found dead on the slope of the first mountain – Kholatchahl, and still nobody can say exactly what happened with them.

They made holes in the tent and came out through them, descended 1500 meters with no warm clothes or shoes on, and froze to death or died due to other reasons. Three of them had almost fatal injuries, another one had even worse trauma, one girl had no eyes or tongue and all of them had minor injuries on their bodies. It’s obvious they were fighting with natural forces for their lives – cold, snow and wind. They made fires, cut trees, made snow shelters etc.

Bodies of the tourists were lying apart from each other. They were found three weeks after they died. Their belongings were strangely untouched. There are numerous versions of the tragedy which even include UFO explanations.


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