6 Launch of the New Black Sea Fleet Submarine

Launch of the New Black Sea Fleet Submarine

Posted on March 18, 2016 by team

On March 18th 2016, in anticipation of the 110th anniversary of the Russian Submarine Forces formation, they launched big submarine B-268 “Great Novgorod” of project 636.3, intended for the Black Sea Fleet.

It is the fifth submarine in the series of the project that began to be realized in October 2014 to make the Black Sea Fleet stronger. All six submarines of the series are named after the “Cities of Military Glory”.


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6 Responses to “Launch of the New Black Sea Fleet Submarine”

  1. a bunka here says:

    Propelers arent top secret?!

    • Jacob says:

      These are diesel submarines of modernized Kilo class. They had been exported into so many countries that it’s not a big secret (China, India, Vietnam, Algeria, etc)

  2. john dudley says:

    Pretty sharp sub.

  3. Nelson Jimenez says:

    Las últimas fotos donde aparece el submarino navegando sugieren que es el mismo que aparece al principio.
    No es la misma nave, la torre o vela no es la misma, el tamaño la delata.
    Y esto sin contar el largo.

  4. Bob says:

    I would feel better if the propeller had a guard around it for deflecting fish,seaweed,U.S. Navy seals,etc.

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