1 Inside of Russian Newest Spaceport: Cosmodrome Vostochny

Inside of Russian Newest Spaceport: Cosmodrome Vostochny

Posted on March 18, 2016 by team

There are over 500 buildings and structures on the 700 km2 territory of cosmodrome “Vostochny”. Space objects are mainly located in two areas – technical and lauch complexes. The area of the technical complex is comparable with ten football fields! Today we are going to visit an assembly and testing facility of the cosmodrome.

Last year they received a highly valuable space cargo – carrier rocket “Soyuz-2.1a”. The cosmdrome railway is connected with Trans-Siberian line – the rocket was loaded on the platform in Samara and delivered directly to the technical complex of “Vostochny”.

We are going to overcome the same way as that rocket did. Not on railway though, but on highway – one of the best in the region. Total length of roads at the cosmodrome is 115 km.

The technical complex from afar. There they test spacecrafts and carrier rockets.

The interior is finished, all necessary systems are mounted and sucessfully tested.


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