14 War and Peace in Grozny Chechnya

War and Peace in Grozny Chechnya

Posted on March 17, 2016 by team

This publication will show you the capital of the Chechen Republic, the city of Grozny, before, after, at the time of the war and in our days. Grozny has had a long way to its prosperity..

On the image above: “Russian Federation. Chechen Republic” – as you can see the sign is seriously destroyed and it’s actually why the war was inflamed – what did they wish to achieve? Check it out on the next image…

“Freedom or Death. Chechnya is a subject of Allah”.

The conflict engendered since 1991, since autumn 1994 Russia began its attempts to remove that governance by the hands of opposition but it didn’t work. Russian troops entered the city on December 31, 1994. They acted kind of hastily and the operation didn’t even have a code name.

Federal forces tanks.

Bus station of the city located close to the square that people used to call “Minutka”. It had different official names: in the Soviet time it used to be October square, since 1991 – Khruschev’s square… “Minutka” means a minute – this is how long public transport was waiting for workers of the refinery.

Chechen separatists.

Almost at the same time – Russian internal troops on the city square.

They say that since 1996 to the 2000s here was a market of weapons where one could buy a gun rather cheaply.

On the image above – the Second Chechen War, February 4, 2000. First aid post.

Today that square is fully asphalted.

Another view.

Underground walkway.

The central axis of the city – former Lenin’s avenue, currently A. Kadyrov’s avenue meeting the avenue of Putin at the Mosque “The Heart of Chechnya”.

All pre-war buildings on the square were demolished.


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14 Responses to “War and Peace in Grozny Chechnya”

  1. Alain says:

    When Chechnya want independence, they are terrorists. When Donbas wants independence, they are freedom fighters. Typical Russian double standard…

    • Cover me, Porkins! says:

      In your viewb “Alain”, jihadi Chechens and ISIS Headchopping Terrorists are “rebels”… except when they massacre people in Paris. Please let us know more about your double standards.

    • No Mame says:

      So, “Alain”, for you, there’s no problem if your islamic “rebels” kill countless children inside their schools in Russia… Only when they start to slaughter people in Boston and Paris, they suddenly turn into bloody Terrorists, right?

      “Alain”, your (deadly) double standards and schyzoid “values” are becoming darker in every hatemongering post of yours.

      • Pom2Ter says:

        Well at least when the Russians arrive somewhere they bloody make the war fast and efficient and get out of there, it’s bloody, there’s deaths but hell it gets things done… Not like us bloody idiots with French troops in Afghanistan for 13 years before we got out at the beginning of 2015 with almost nothing done, same with the strikes we launch against ISIS in Iraq and Syria is going to happen…

        • Ball Breaker says:

          Agree !00%. Big European nations are used to follow (blindly) the American lead. That was fine against tyrannical commies, but all that ended 25 years ago.

          Today, the American Policy is an absolut contradiction in so many levels (and a total failure). This means, it’s in fact working against most of European interests. The medieval Islamic “rebels” –or Terrorists, depending on who are the folks slaughtered- in Iraq, Syria and Europe (including Russia), are a good example. This mindless “double standard” really kills people in all those countries.

          There seem to be a lot of common goals between Europe and Russia. Hope they soon work together for their own sake, despite whatever the selfish American expansionist agenda might be.

  2. ho fo sho says:

    Before and after pictures of what paying bribe money to that thug Kadyrov and his minions can accomplish.

  3. john says:

    Interesting photo’s, Now all reborn.

  4. Dragi says:

    Grozny doesn’t look terrible now days, on the contrary, it looks good. I wander who paid for the reconstruction?
    Luckily, those extreme religious separatist didn’t prevail in the 90s.

  5. Andy says:

    Thank you for this fascinating photo essay. It’s interesting, over here we were subjected to constant propaganda about the evil Russians oppressing the poor Chechens. But the fact is the same scumbags who screwed up Afghanistan* tried to establish a nasty IS style Islamic republic on Russian soil, with predictable results. The Russians aren’t the Americans – they don’t do “forever wars”, they either win or lose. Yes, they’re brutal, but at least they’re not mindless and incompetent like the Yanks. How long did it take to end the Syrian Civil War? I think we need Russia just as Russia needs us. Glad to see they’re kicking the asses of those fanatic scum.

    * Afghanistan: a country Russia was legally obliged to defend from insurgents just as NATO would have been obliged to defend, say, Turkey, if it had fallen to these terrorists

  6. Wabbit says:

    Nothing to do with double standard but all with muslim scum…

  7. Wesker says:

    Luckily, president Putin has a highly talented and ruthless military specialized in JIHADICIDE. Those wahhabi terrorists wanted to destabilize a young and weak Yeltsin-led Russian Federation so the NATO powers could come sweeping it to gang-rape the state for its massive natural resources. Nuh uh, not with Vladimir Putin THE GREAT.

    Those head-cutting mercenaries now make compost across Chechnya! That same jihadicide is presently continued in Syria. (^_^)

  8. L'hiver says:

    I come to this site for stories like these, and comments like @Andy’s above.
    (Slight powerleveling) During the 1990s, I was a university student with professors in Caucasian languages who were often taken as translators to these areas, and was always interested in what the truth was: not the propoganda from each side, but the reality of life in the middle of a war.
    These photos aren’t pretty, but I feel like they are the closest to truth I might get here…and once again it proves that there’s no truly no winners when things like this happen (*eta- except the oligarchs…they always seem to win).

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