1 School of Russian Military Divers

School of Russian Military Divers

Posted on March 17, 2016 by team

This time we invite you to the naval school in Saint Petersburg and see how Russian military divers polish up their skills, what equipment they use and what tasks they solve.

On the picture above you can see a diver wearing helmet SuperLite 27 designed in 1992. It has a unique collar and an extremely small inside.

Operational depth of the helmet – 30-67 meters depending on configuration. It can be used without heating at temperature up to +2C.

Ground searching anchor.

Removing the helmet and undressing the diver. The condition of the the diver is reported to be normal.

Air panel board shows pressure in the hose.

Technological communication station.

The communication is provided with a lifeline fixed on a diver. The cable also helps him to balance while submersion, moving on the ground, emersion. The cable serves as a lifeline and means of telephone connection. It is put on the waist of the diver and fastened on his belt.

“Diver tender! Remember that life of your partner is in your hands!”

It’s utterly important to follow all safety rules at school, keep an eye on each other, check physical condition of divers and undergo medical inspection before diving.

Dive knives are intended to be used in water as working and rescue instruments or as weapons. One of the main purposes is to cut fishing lines and nets quickly.

No-size diving boots weigh 21 kilograms (standard) or 23 kilograms (loaded). Each boot has a lead sole, a brass nose and a leather rear all fixed on a wooden insole. The top of the boot is made from thick rubberized material.

Helmet is a rigid element of diver’s equipment that protects a diver’s head and creates air volume for his breathing under the water. Helmets are made from copper sheets, their valves – from brass.

Difficult technical tasks are practised in a pool. For example, they search for scattered bolts on the bottom, untie complex knots etc.

“3-bolt” helmet UVS-50.

“Three-bolt” diving equipment is used for rescue and emergency operations, ship raising and other works at depth up to 60 meters. They complete compressor and manual stations of sea and estuary diving boats, rescue ships, tugboats and other diving watercrafts. Helmet, shirt and corselet are connected with three bolts to provide reliability and waterproofing.


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