13 Self Propelled Mortar Tulpan vs Toyota Camry

Self Propelled Mortar Tulpan vs Toyota Camry

Posted on March 15, 2016 by tim



Interesting accident has happened in one of Russian cities. As witnesses report a road conflict arised between Toyota Camry driver and a soldier driving 2S4 “Tyulpan” (“Tulip”) self propelled mortar. Then Camry driver as said didn’t want to yield to the soldier, then soldier just ran over the Toyota on his 27-ton tank. A couple more photos inside.


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Then they both stopped and waited for the police to arrive.

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13 Responses to “Self Propelled Mortar Tulpan vs Toyota Camry”

  1. Ed Brown says:

    Notice the quality of Russian Roads.
    How old it this “Toyota”?
    Self-propelled mortars amidst poverty and dirt

    • kwhunter says:

      everybody has a brand new sparkling car in the us, eh?! go to Detroit and take a look around… Haiti at its best; and countless other places
      most likely he cut off the self propelled mortar because he had bigger balls

    • Cover me Porkins! says:

      Don’t be so scared, “Ed”. An accident in a lost road doesn’t mean that the Russians want to turn your country to ashes in minutes (even if they can). Your warmonegring hatred and panic are “safe”.

  2. Bob says:

    Ed, you really need to get your head checked. Your Ukrainian wife has poisoned or damaged your brain.

    This is a right hand drive Japanese car so most likely this is in the FAR EAST. Can’t tell by the license plate.

  3. Arjan says:

    Bob is spot on, not only from the right hand rive but also the license plate code, 125, points out that this happened in Primorsky Krai which is the Russian Far East.

  4. Adriaan Maes says:

    Whats the point? Because both of those guy’s ego was so big, the now got stuck in there (at least one of them).
    Why would you want to block a tank?

  5. Andy says:

    Man, I’d hate to be the insurance adjuster handling that claim… gotta make for some accident report (even though it wasn’t an accident lols)

  6. batman says:

    Lesson learned. Don’t make a left turn in front of a visually impaired military vehicle.

  7. L'hiver says:

    Okay, I get disputes over right of way. It happens.
    And here in Canada, we have LOTS of dirt roads, so no judgement on that, but I do question the sanity or sobriety of anyone who’d challenge a vehicle of that size (military or not) with a Camry.
    Looks like it held up pretty well despite being run over though. lol
    I’m more interested in the backstory which led up to this.

  8. Bruno says:

    Traffic accidents in Russia are in a a different level

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