6 Soviet Traffic Controllers on the Streets of Europe

Soviet Traffic Controllers on the Streets of Europe

Posted on March 14, 2016 by tim

After Russian army entered Europe in 1944-45 they have started putting their traffic controllers on the crossroads of the main European cities. Same thing was done by Nazi commanders a few years before – they have installed the German language road signs all over the Europe and conquered part of Russia, now this time the road signs were in Russian. Let’s see how it was.

A few first photos are from Russia: Moscow and smaller cities and towns were also governed by Russian army controllers to control traffic.

Now this  is Vienna in April 1945. The signs says “Vienna” in Russian. Just imagine.

“River Oder” in Europe.

Border with Austria. Sign in Russia marks this spot, says “Austria”.

Soviet traffic controller in Berlin Germany.


Vyborg Russia.

Haha this one is funny. A border with German. A Russian sign. Guess what sign says? Just “Germany”? Now, it would be to easy. It says “Here, lays the damned Germany”.

Berlin, Germany, near Reichstag it says “Congratulations with First of May” (Labor day in Russia).


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  1. Rabbi Goldstein says:

    your assistance in aiding Rothschild against Germany is appreciated

    • No Mame says:

      Haha!! That’s right, little FAKE troll. Probably, an imaginary “Rothschild” kid is the responsible of your morbid overweight, or your constant trouble with all those egocentric fat chicks.

  2. Tshuhna says:

    Vyborg was in Finland

  3. Lucas says:

    The 5th Foto on Page 2 definitly shows Opernring/Kärntnerstrasse om Vienna/Austria not Berlin. The building on the left is the Vienna Opera House. The road leading into distance in the middle of the picture is the Kärntnerstrasse.

  4. Lucas says:

    Typo! Sorry! Im mean Foto Nr. SEVEN on page 2.

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