5 Old Soviet Civil Defense Book

Old Soviet Civil Defense Book

Posted on March 14, 2016 by tim

Here is an old Soviet civil defense book. Books like this were used to raise awareness of sudden attack performed on Soviet Union in masses. Like, what to do if nuclear bomb drops.


“Mass Destruction Weapons”

“Weapons of mass destruction”.

“Nuclear weapons are the most powerful mass destruction weapons”.

“Atom and its structure”.

continues discussing of atom structure.

Isotopes and ionisation of atoms. This is much more higher level than a basic person could know, but they say people were much more educated en masse in Russia compared to Western countries. So even isotopes structure was pretty interesting for them. Or it was a propaganda statement?

“How radioactivity works”

“Atomic energy”

“Chain reaction”


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5 Responses to “Old Soviet Civil Defense Book”

  1. nikoliy says:

    Well, more informative then “Duck and Cover”…

  2. anyád says:

    Here we had much simpler ones, like:
    1) If you see a nuclear flash, have a good look at it, because you won’t see another ever again.
    2) If you are a soldier, when there is a nuclear flash, salute, or else your helmet will flow into your eyes.
    3) If you are a civilian, the no.1. thing you should do in case of a nuclear blast is to cover yourself with a white blanket and start crawling towards the graveyard.

  3. ho fo sho says:

    The last, most important page is missing. The one where it tells you to put your head between your legs and kiss your ass good bye.

  4. Ondrej Virag says:

    excellent old illustrations.

  5. L'hiver says:

    What a cheerful little tome!
    Anyad’s comment made me laugh out loud, brought me back to my cold war childhood, where they didn’t even teach us drills (we lived close to a major power production area) because, “we’ll be the first target and you’ll never know what hit you anyway”.
    Mad props to my teachers for not bothering to scare us with bullshit pointless drills.
    Agreed with Nikoliy that this book was WAY more instructive than their Western counterparts…a goddamned turtle telling you to “Duck and Cover”.
    (No offense to turtles.)

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