0 Russian Strategic Bombers Tu-22m3 on a March

Russian Strategic Bombers Tu-22m3 on a March

Posted on March 13, 2016 by tim

These machines are rare target for the airplane spotters and it was a big luck, says Svetlana, the author of the photos, that they got them. One of the most nice looking Russian planes, the strategic TU-22M3s were on a march from Novosibirsk, Russia to Tajikistan where they were invited in Russia-Tajikistan drill near the Afghanistan border. Let’s see them up close, thanks to Svetlana:

She says that airplane spotters are ready to wait days on end just for a slight chance to get a few photos of these machines.

Svetlana says that they reminded her the White Belugas – the fish with the most expensive Russian black caviar.

They spent plenty of time on the runway to warm up their engines with tremendous noise.

She says she trembled with all her body listening to that sound.

And then they started taking off, one by one.


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