4 Whats New in the Museum of the Northern Fleet Aviation?

Whats New in the Museum of the Northern Fleet Aviation?

Posted on March 11, 2016 by team

This bay in Safonovo village under a northern Russian city of Murmansk is a place of the first aircraft seadrome that appeared in 1936. Today it’s a location of the Museum of Northern Fleet Aviation.

It was reopened last year after reconstruction, now it has a new hangar for aircrafts which is a good historical exposition.

On the image above is a Be-6 monument in the bay.

At the entrance to Safonovo one can see a monument to a legendary commander of the 2nd guard group B.F. Safonov, who was given a title of the Soviet Hero twice.

At the museum itself is a monument to the fallen in WWII.

The history of the Museum of the Northern Fleet Aviation goes back to 1976. The initiative of its creation belongs to aviators. It was built, repaired and filled with exhibits by pilots, engineers and aircraft technicians.

MiG-15 monument standing at the museum.

People are coming for an excursion too.

The museum has three halls: of military time, memorial one and of the after-war period.

The exposition has photo materials and documents revealing the history of the Northern Fleet aviation, that dates back to 1936.

Personal belongings of aviators-veterans, 53 Soviet Heroes among them, seem to be utterly interesting.

Photographs, documents, personal stuff of Northern Fleet fighters, models of aircrafts from different times…


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4 Responses to “Whats New in the Museum of the Northern Fleet Aviation?”

  1. john says:

    Great posting,i enjoyed the peek of all the aircraft,i was surprised to see how compact Mig- 17 was.

    • Pom2Ter says:

      I saw real versions of the migs 15, 17, 21 and 23 at the military museum in Bucharest Romania, the migs 15 and 17 are really small airplanes in real life, I didn’t expect them to be that small, the Mig 23 is the biggest one and the mig 21 lancer (the romanian version of the mig 21) is smaller than the mig 23

  2. john says:

    I enjoyed the posting.

  3. p51d007 says:

    Nice to see someone taking the time to keep & preserve these aircraft, and the history of the men & women who built & flew them.

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