18 The Mysterious Story of Russian Rogue Typhoon Submarine Aircraft Carrier

The Mysterious Story of Russian Rogue Typhoon Submarine Aircraft Carrier

Posted on March 9, 2016 by tim

Ok here is the story, raw translated, nothing added. You decide if you believe it or not. Basically the story is about that on the brink of collapse of USSR a group of high KGB authorities have been too much patriots of the Soviet state that they decided not to become the officers of the new Russian Federation. They thought it was a temporary state and USSR would return soon. So what they did they acquired billions of dollars partly from old Soviet reserves and then thru the new economic reality invested it and blackmailed new Russian oligarchs. With all those funds they created something really weird – on the base of the biggest nuclear submarine in the world – Russian project Typhoon submarine they turned it into an.. underwater aircraft carrier which they called “Soviet Union”. Let’s read on:

A supposed screenshot of the newspaper proving the theory.

According to the story, just this model and a photo are the only leaked materials. However the model was photographed and here are the photos.

So how did they pull this off? According to the story to complete the project they needed a) funds b) secrecy. They got the funds by the means we mentioned above. As for the secrecy they pulled this trick – they hired two groups of engineers to work on the project separately. First group thought they are making a submarine for the new Russian riches. Another group was told the truth but this were the top scientists.

To create the project hey used a few existing Soviet vessels. In the middle of the project development it went on the “test route” from Moscow to Vladivostok in winter under the Arctic ice and.. disappeared.

The “oligarchy” sponsors were told the submarine was lost.

Meanwhile, American intellegence was getting some clues of the project but didn’t pay much attention thinking its all just rumors.

Another group of ex KGB officers were buying used SU jets from the poor ex-Soviet countries to be used on the carrier.

However the information still leaked, including this project model, and in 1995 the project coordinators decided to depart the coast of Murmansk and disappear in the seas.

Since then there is no more information about the project, but now and then the coastal guards of different countries spot a rogue Russian submarine of strange form and size.

Two years ago Swedish Navy was hunting for the huge underwater object which was thought to be Russian submarine of unknown model. The hunt was not successful.

This is the first time the project information is published in English language.

And a few more photos of the model.

What do you think about this story?

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18 Responses to “The Mysterious Story of Russian Rogue Typhoon Submarine Aircraft Carrier”

  1. tom bauer says:

    just that. a story. fairly impossible with todays spy satellites.

  2. DAS666 says:

    Hundreds, if not thousands of workers would have been required to build this, there’s no way something like this could have been built and not one person has come forward to mention it.

  3. polak says:

    oryginal with no ads

  4. molnibalage says:

    1st of April arrived sooner this year…?

  5. Jewels Vern says:

    Russians are famous for always wanting something bigger than they really need.

  6. Slaven says:

    If only that was true. If the only got rid of that traitor of CCCP and installed true patriots on the top of the state today the whole world would be better of.

    • Pom2Ter says:

      With almost daily risks of nuclear war between the US and the Soviet Union? In what way would that be better? I’m trying to understand but why it be better… Care to explain? Thanks

  7. JJ says:

    once again, desperate midget putin’s propaganda hard at work feeding zombies :DDD

    • Asmodeus says:

      Don’t be so scared about this sub. It most probably doesn’t exist. But it’s a good story to excite warmongering kids like you.

  8. Edward Crist says:

    I wish some model company would come out with a plastic model of this sub. What a neat model to build and display. Very unusual. It would have been quite a boat.

  9. Jim Philopena says:

    NY Times Front Page for Dec 5th, 2015 had a picture of a dining room and an article about the Sam Bernadino Terrorists.

    I’m going with – Story…

  10. Michael Kennedy says:

    Can’t possibly exist and as Jim said they’ve photoshopped the Newspaper article. Tell you what though, cracking story and the model is pretty cool!

  11. Oleg says:

    Dear Tim, It would be awesome, if you published the source and translated the story more accurately, not as you wish.

  12. Pom2Ter says:

    The new york times front page image in this posting is bullshit.

    Heres the real new york times front page of december 5h 2015…

    It says in the headline “FBI treating rampage as act of terrorism” not about that sub in any way, just the same usual exageration.

  13. kyle says:

    of course it doesnt exist. still looks cool as fuck! PEW!!!PEW!!!PEW!!!

  14. John J. says:

    Something that size was not made for the Baltic but the Swedish story is true,check that out.
    Something that size is easy for sensors to pick up and it must surface for training and where does it get its supplies.. One more thing, we have lots of people who should know about our UFO thing but we can’t get anyone to say yes or no and even in today’s russia disappear a few and the rest will not talk..
    Nice model though, DOWN SCOPE!!

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