4 Soviet Youth Captured by LIFE Photographer

Soviet Youth Captured by LIFE Photographer

Posted on March 6, 2016 by tim

In 1967 an American photographer Bill Eppridge has arrived to Moscow by special appointment of LIFE magazine. He was one of the famous American photographers at time, having shot the last photo of JFK. However he was yet to become the celebrity photographer, and what helped him were those photos of Russian youngsters which he called “Soviet Youth” and which got extremely popular in USA at that time. Many of the photos were made at the beach, some other at cities etc. Let’s check it out!


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4 Responses to “Soviet Youth Captured by LIFE Photographer”

  1. jj says:

    no.5 – that is f’ing putin in drag !! Now we know, why he is so short and fond of men :DDD

    • Oscar Goldman says:

      “jj”, Did you really see Putin in this nice Girl Picture Set?? Is that what you could only think about? LOLZ!

      You really should be a very scared kid. Hey, look out! Maybe there’s one Putin inside your CLOSET now!

  2. Cover me, Porkins! says:

    So, “jj”, when you see pretty smiling girls on the beach, do you think about Putin?? Hahah!!

    Please let us know more about the paranoid dimension you live in.

  3. Chac Mool says:

    Probably the girl in pink bikini had something to do with the photographer. I wouldn’t blame him!

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