0 Moscow In the Days of the Revolution 1917

Moscow In the Days of the Revolution 1917

Posted on March 6, 2016 by team

In different times the revolution of 1917 was positioned as “The triumph of the world proletariat“, and later as “the bloody activity of those who support the “Red Terror”.

This way or another there are almost no witnesses of the revolution today (those who remain were 10-12 years then), and we can treat those events in different ways. What’s really objective are photographs made when those events were taking place. So let’s go back to Moscow 1917…

How was Moscow observed by the eyes of an ordinary capital citizen?

Many film makers still go back to the opposition of the white and red, and show they own versions of those events.

Meeting on Strastnaya square, great writer and poet Pushkin seems to be participating…

Demostration on Strastnaya square (Pushkin’s square today).

Food delivery to the City Council building.

Meeting on Tverskaya square. The monument to a White Guard general Skobelev would be later replaced with the Liberty monument, however it would be demolished before the war. After the war the place would be given to the monument of Yuri Dolgorukiy.

Another picture of that meeting.

Nikolsky Gates on Red Square in the time of the revolution.

Picture of the icon of Nicjolas of Mozhaisk upon the shooting attack in 1917.

Tower, destroyed in the war days, 1917.

In late April 1918 right before the celebration of the first proletarian May 1st, the mutilated facade with an icon was covered with a red cloth, but the cloth was torn by the wind or in any other mysterious way and revealed the icon to the eyes of people. That event was even decribed in press.


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