1 World Oldest And Extremely Powerful Sleeping Volcano

World Oldest And Extremely Powerful Sleeping Volcano

Posted on March 4, 2016 by team

Karadag is a volcano in the south-east of the Crimea and fortunately enough it does not wake up… Cause if it explodes it may destroy huge territories – Crimea itself, all Black Sea, half of Ukraine and a part of Russia…

It’s the most ancient sleeping volcanoes in the whole world – 150 million years old. Extremely dangerous, and so beautiful – this giant natural sleeping bomb…

This is it on the horizon. It’s hard to imagine now that at this very place the volcano was erupting so powerfully that finally changed the landscapes of huge adjacent territories. Scientists believe it has not died, it may wake up in any moment. If Karadag wills to explode the column of its ash will rise for 50 km, its magma will be flowing out for days…

When the volcano erects a cavity is formed beneath, so it falls into the deep and explodes. The power of such volcano is compared to a hundred of nuclear bombs. Its ash 200C hot would cover the huge territory to the city of Smolensk in the north and a part of Turkey and other neighboring countries in the south, west and east. The speed of the sea wave would reach 400 km/h.

Karadag is pretty much different from other mountain groups in the Crimea. The mass of black rocks looks ominously, they see in different directions, form gorges and passes, stone walls falling into the sea water and forming bays that can’t be reached from the shore. This is the consequence of the volcano eruption 150 million years ago.

Weathering and erosion did their job and have changed the relief of the massif through the times. One slope is plane…

Another one, looking at the sea, is not.

The modern “bowl” of the Karadag – yes, it looks like a bowl from the height. It is very diverse in its landscape and relief.

The rocks of the Dead City. It’s not easy for flora to survive and to grow on these rocks.

The Crimean Mordor.

The volcanic rocks were formed by lava solidification. They look very chaotic.

The composition of the lave is very rich and diverse, especially on the slopes of Karagach gorge.

There are many craters on the surface, the most notorious is Chertov Kamin – Devil’s hearth.

It is a perfect example of a subvolcanic body.

This one is called Ivan-Razboinik (Ivan the Bandit).

Its mouth close up.

Lava finds different places for flowing out…

Parus (Sail) rock.

Parasitic crater.

Another parasitic crater is located at the foundation of Devil’s Finger.

Numerous dikes on the surface.

The stone forest of Lion’s Dike.

Caves of in the rocks, some of them are underwater. One of them is Growling Grotto. Sounds produced there gave birth to legends about the Serpent of Karadag roaring in the fog…

Golden Gates – the remaining rock born by the volcano and towering over the sea.

Natural statues at the entrance to the Dead City.

Looks like solified foam..

Colors are diverse too.

Lava, lava, lava…

The probability of Karadag’s explosion is 0,00000N %… It’s not going to wake up being on joints of tectonic plates – it’s their collision that makes the earth split… So people may sleep peacefully..

Thanks to aquatek-filips for another cool set of pictures from the Crimea!


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  1. Lev Tolstoy says:

    Not in Kamchatka!

    Very nice, English Russia. Thanks be to you for bringing this unexpected wonder into my room with me.

    There’s just something about the raw geology of high-energy volcanics that will always draw me to it, like a moth to a flame.

    From the looks of the pictures, there’s plenty of marvelous dike complexes, tuff beds, and what appears to be an ample supply of wicked-looking ignimbrites and rhyolite. High-energy indeed!

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