3 Russian Old School Mercedes S500 Became an Offroad SUV

Russian Old School Mercedes S500 Became an Offroad SUV

Posted on March 4, 2016 by tim

Just take a look what they have made this time! They took the classy Mercedes S500 out of 1990s, also known as Mercedes W140 and merged it with Russian Army legend GAZ-66 all road truck. They took all the huge elements from the truck but the transmission and powerful five liter engine comes from Mercedes. Let’s see it in detail and how it was created.

So this was a vehicle in question that used to be a gorgeous W140 Mercedes, dream car of Russian gangsters and businessmen twenty years ago.


And this was legendary Gaz-66 army truck.

It took a guy one year to get a working final version, a real head turner. The result didn’t make him regret the efforts!


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