18 Another Tactical Drill of Russian Marines

Another Tactical Drill of Russian Marines

Marines of the Pacific Fleet had a tactical landing operation drill at the Klerk ground field in the South Primorye (Far East of Russia).  Over a thousand soldiers participated. They used over 80 units of military and special equipment, about ten combat and service ships, aircraft and
helicopters (Su-24, Mi-28)... The tasks of the drill were breaking through the enemy anti-airborne defence, simultaneous striking of forces on the sea, in the air and on the shore, also creating coastal bridge-heads. Gunners participated in the drill as well.

7 Secrets of Polar Weather Forecasting

Secrets of Polar Weather Forecasting

This is a polar meteorological observatory in Valkarkay. Quite recently its interiors were filmed for a Russian movie. People, occupied here, do an important job, because the Far Eastern weather is not about
decisions whether one need to take an unmbrella or not. Sometimes the data of the observatory may save someone's life in the severe region.  Let's check out how they work and forecast weather at Valkarkay.

5 Shelter Hidden Deep Deep Under the Ground

Shelter Hidden Deep Deep Under the Ground

Sometimes one can come across structures that strike imagination with their sizes and designation. This is exactly one such structure: the shelter hidden surprisingly deep under the ground - about 600 meters under the surface. The shelter is built in the hard rock, being remoted
from the mother bore for several kilometers. There used to be an explosive storage in the place, but later it was requipped into a shelter. It had its own ventilation system, telephones, beds and benches, it had everything for the people who worked there.

2 Russian Beer Warehouses In Days Of Old

Russian Beer Warehouses In Days Of Old

Zhigulyovsky brewery is one of the oldest in Russia. It was founded by an Austrian Alfred Josef Marie Ritter von Vacano in 1881. Today we are going to show you old
pictures of the Zhigulyovsky brewery warehouses in various cities of Russia and neighbouring countries. The images are provided by Vladimir Samartsev.

3 Trip to Wild Places of South Kamchatka

Trip to Wild Places of South Kamchatka

Blogger lusika33 travelled to the south of Kamchatka to have a great time, enjoy the local natural beauty of volcanos, wild flowers, snowy peaks, and low clouds. Be sure you have
sunglasses and sunscreen.  You can be burned here even worse than in Egypt. Do enjoy the photos of the trip thinking how cool it could be to have such an experience!
0 Many Crazy Ways to Modify the Russian Niva

Many Crazy Ways to Modify the Russian Niva

"Niva" is a Russian offroad car that is respected not only in its native land but also abroad. However, car owners often want more than they have, and they start to
modify their vehicles to make them unique (or ugly?). Some results seem to be almost good, but others look ridiculous, here are 25 examples of Niva jobs...

8 Polar Nights in Murmansk 2016

Polar Nights in Murmansk 2016

Yesterday, the people of Murmansk celebrated "The Day of the Sun". This is the day when the Sun finally starts appearing in their skies for brief moments. In Murmansk, they have polar nights. Polar nights (also called winter days) are when you don't see the Sun in the skies during the day. Not even for a moment, the Sun doesn't rise above the horizon. The days look like twilight -
on the horizon there is a dim light showing a hint of the Sun somewhere there, but the Sun never rises and then a normal night comes again. But February the First is the first day that the Sun appears, so it's a big deal for the people living there. Let's see a few photos showing how they cope with this and how their city typically looks in winter.

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