1 Big Russian Producer of Armored Troop Carriers

Big Russian Producer of Armored Troop Carriers

Posted on February 23, 2016 by team

“Arzamas engineering plant”, JSC. is one of the leaders of the defence industry complex of Russia and the leading engineering enterprise in Nizhny Novgorod. It is also the only enterprise that makes wheeled armored vehicles cooperating with 35 countries.

The plant began its work in 1972 as a car maker. In 1980 it made its first armored troop carrier.

The most famous of its products are BTR-70 and BTR-80 armored troop carriers, multipurpose cars of “Tiger” family, medical cars BMM, wheeled maintenance-recovery vehicles BREM-K and unified chassis UNSH. The plant not only produces machines, but also maintains and repairs them.

“The plant is proud of them”.

There are two shops for components production, an assembly shop, a warehouse for ready products, a test ground, a boiler house on the territory of the plant.

In a shop for components production.

Most of components for “Tigers” and BTRs are made right here.

The plant employs 4000 people, 900 of them are young specialists. In the Soviet time the plant could boast of 10000 employees.

Assembky-test shop where begins the production of armored troop carriers. There are twenty one vehicles on the conveyor at the same time, they gradually come through all assembly stages. The full process takes five workdays.

The process begins from putting armor of a future BTR on the conveyor.

At the initial stage of work they run line and wires.

Installation of driving axis.


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