4 Modern Russian Weapons And Ammunition At Syrian War

Modern Russian Weapons And Ammunition At Syrian War

Posted on February 22, 2016 by team


War in Syria allowed Russia not only to help its old ally, but also to test its relatively new weapons and ammunition in real-life conditions. Those weapons and ammunition could be seen in hands of Syrian soldiers on these amateur photos.

On the image above – gun AK-104.


Heavy flamethrower “Solntsepek”.


Army offroad car “Tiger”.




T-90A tank.


Assault rocket grenade RSHG-2.


Howitzer Msta-B.


Armored vehicle KamAZ-6560.


Full-drive cross-country truck KamAZ-4311.


Full-drive cross-country vehicle UAZ-3163.


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4 Responses to “Modern Russian Weapons And Ammunition At Syrian War”

  1. p51d007 says:

    Another reason why the east & west has been fighting proxy wars, since the end of WW2. They can test their latest & greatest, without having to sacrifice their own troops.

  2. ET Bryan says:

    So the AK-104 uses the old Ak-47 ammunition? I assume that’s because there’s lots of that calibre around the third world, but why design a new gun for it?

    • Asmodeus says:

      Because it’s better.

    • Jacob says:

      AK-100 series has variants that can use pretty much any ammunition. Why have an upgraded gun? To begin with, it’s not the first time AK is updated. The first modernization variant was AKM from the 70s. The other one was the AK-74, which was basically the same thing but using 5.45×39mm caliber. Most of the ex-USSR states and their client states used the AKM and/or AK-74 in more recent times. Then the AK-100 series came out in the 90s. Which the factory received a few small orders, this variant never caught on with big orders. Finally, the Russian army just announced that they will be switching their rifles to AK-12 variants, which is the most recent update to the AK series. In some way, they’re superior to AK-100, and other ways their inferior (for better reliability and lower price).

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