17 Hundreds of Radioactive Combat Vehicles Disappeared from Chernobyl

Hundreds of Radioactive Combat Vehicles Disappeared from Chernobyl

Posted on February 22, 2016 by tim

Meanwhile in Chernobyl interesting things are happening. During the Chernobyl catastrophe there were hundreds of army vehicles, including combat vehicles, tanks and helicopters used to operate in first days of the disaster in Pripyat. All those vehicles got very radioactively polluted and afterwards they were all stored on a special strip of land in Chernobyl. Hundreds of vehicles. However the most recent satellite photo shows.. they all have disappeared! Let’s see inside:


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17 Responses to “Hundreds of Radioactive Combat Vehicles Disappeared from Chernobyl”

  1. Mihai says:


  2. Brian Massie says:

    Well then, I suppose the next time I buy some decommissioned vehicles I’ll have to bring along a Geiger-counter!

  3. Darius says:

    Hmm, the video shows a tank and they say in the video, that such tanks are from Chernobyl. Tell me how tanks were used in Chernobyl? In all videos, TV programs etc. I have never seen tanks being used in Chernobil. Armored and not armored military vehicles – yes, military construction/engineering machines – yes, tanks – no! Also try to spot any single tank in these old photos!

  4. Tshuhna says:

    Scrap metal dealers shining in the night.

  5. Mark says:

    Putin needs more power on Ukraine?

  6. BethelBanana says:

    None of the equipment there would be viable from a combat standpoint. It’s just been sitting too long with no regular maintenance. It’s all rusted together at this point. It’s only value is scrap. Only reason to guard it is to keep the radioactive material out of the material stream.

    • Peter Nebelung says:

      Keeping it out of the material stream.

      Well We can all see that that failed miserably. Every picture of Pripyat now shows the building stripped of just about every bit of movable metals. The buildings are falling apart mostly because the windows are all gone, allowing the weather easier access to the internal walls where most of the wiring is torn out. a vast park full of metal vehicles would be a gold mine to a salvage crew. Even the Military salvaged parts for reuse, if they figured the rad levels were low enough.
      All that crud is now in to the local material stream. Who knows where it goes from there.

  7. anyád says:

    Don’t be ridicilous… Those vehicles sat there for 30 years. Out in the open, 30 years of winter snows and rains, without any repairs… Those were literally just scrap metal, they couldn’t even be started, not to mention using them.

    • Kurt Mauritz says:

      anyad, I have started old vehicles left abandoned for more than 30 years on a number of occasions. I think many of the vehicles and machines may have operated despite the length of time they had been abandoned. Especially considering the practical and rugged Russian engineering of the time.

      • kyp says:

        Motors were already gone it would appear in most of those pics. It’s all scrap metal. The helicopters would be filled with aluminum, some titanium, etc. Those would be worth some bucks.

  8. L'hiver says:

    Yeah, I’m gonna have to go with the “scrappers” idea. We see it here in North America with abandoned (and sometimes NOT abandoned) buildings; that would seem to make the most sense. Someone who sciences more than me can attest to whether or not radioactive metals that were put back into the material stream would give significant readings on a Geiger counter.

  9. Kristjan Freirik says:

    Just watched one new video about Chernobyl. The tour guide said that the government scrapped the vehicles and buried them. So far the best explanation..

  10. Tom says:

    All were moved from Rasocha tu Buriakivka some of them already scrapped

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