3 Custom Built Cars: Soviet Style 1987

Custom Built Cars: Soviet Style 1987

Posted on February 22, 2016 by team

The USSR had a lot of creative people indeed, many technicians, sometimes even non-educated but deeply interested and curious about all that stuff. Such people lived in Bryansk too. There was a club in the city for those who built custom cars and its members regularly met to show what they did.

The first meeting was held in Moscow back in 1963. But these pictures are dated 1987 and they demonstrate custom built cars in Bryansk. They have been published just recently by blogger Andrey Chudakov from Vyazniki, Vladimir region of Russia. He used to be a member of that club as well, and even participated in the event you see on the pictures.

“Vega” from Simferopol, one of the best cars of the event.

“YUNA – 2500” – the initial modification.


Amphibian carIchthyander”.

Car-house for travelling.


Crossover of that time.

Those cars never had something in common with others.

80 cars participated in the event.




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3 responses to “Custom Built Cars: Soviet Style 1987”

  1. Dusty says:

    1980’s Russia: The people look,a lot like 1950′ America.

    2010’s Russia: The people look a lot like 2010’s America.

    Is that progress?

  2. nostalgia says:

    lepiej mi było za socjalizmu

  3. Justin says:

    Some are interesting, although I can’t help but notice a few that clearly took their cues from European models and concept cars.
    …and that red one looks like they were partial to the Brecklin SC1.
    Not a bad start, tho’. More inspired-by rather than cloned.

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