4 Right Vehicle For Russian Roads

Right Vehicle For Russian Roads

Posted on February 21, 2016 by team

This vehicle amazed the western press with its uniqueness and amazing capabilities. Being quite small, “Sherp”, produced in St. Petersburg, can move on any terrain: mud, snow, ice and even in water. The author of the project, Alexey Garagashyan launched production of “Sherp” in a rented shop and sold the first machine in June 2015. Today he has many orders – not only in Russia but from abroad too.

“Sherp” is driven by a Japanese diesel engine, its maximum speed – 45 km/h. Fuel consumption – 2-3 l/h. The vehicle has unique wheels that can rotate when the machine practically does not move at all. The length of “Sherp” is 3,4 m, height – 2,3 m, clearance – 0,6 m. Presently it is sold in two modifications for 3 850 000 and 4 100 000 rubles (51000-55000 USD).



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4 responses to “Right Vehicle For Russian Roads”

  1. www says:

    On the 3rd page of the 2nd Photo – TREKOL 39041

  2. www says:

    Unfortunately the price is too high for the target audience of this car (possibly rescuers and large corporations like Gazprom buy, but for hunters and fishermen, the price is high). If the author of the project will be able to move from individual production to large-scale production, then the price will drop and success will come.

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