16 Crimea: the Sun of Russia

Crimea: the Sun of Russia

Posted on February 20, 2016 by team

This is “The Album of the Sun of Russia” published a century ago, in 1914. It is rather interesting to see the sunny Crimea on these colorless pictures of the time long gone. Many people would recognize familiar places, some of them look the same even today.


City garden in Yalta.




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16 Responses to “Crimea: the Sun of Russia”

  1. ed brown says:

    Russians destroyed this place as a tourist resort area.
    Crimea has been turned into a large military base.
    Once free and prosperous place became a territory without
    laws, where people loose their property, being expelled or even
    disappear without trace and later found dead. Currently Russians are conducting ethnic cleansing, trying to expel Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians from Crimea. They closed all Ukranian schools and closed TV stations that broadcasted in Crimean Tatar or Ukrainan languages.

    • kill zombie says:

      Ahaha, it’s all lie, Ed Brown idiot and stupid troll. Crimea is Russia.

    • Oscar Goldman says:

      “Ed”: Seems you confirm your ignorance (and uncontrollable russophobia) in every post. Your Russian “invaders” have lived in Crimea for centuries, long before most of the U.S. was “colonized” or settled by anyone coming from Europe. You didn’t know? LOL.

      After reading your hate-mongering (and failed) fantasies, based only on your compulsive bigotry, you give the Crimeans pretty good reasons to leave Ukraine for good. I just wonder why do you want to have them all killed. That’s beyond me… Who knows?

      Please confirm this –again.

  2. Kalakukko says:

    Russians in Crimea is a crime.

  3. Cover me, Porkins! says:

    –“Russians destroyed this place as a tourist resort…”. You see, “Ed”, youi an replace 25 years of mismanagement and corruoption with only two years of rebuilding. But don’t worry so much. It will take some time, but the place will be much better, with or without your death wishes against the people actually living there.

    –“Once free and prosperous place became a territory without
    laws…”. Really, “Ed”? You’re the only one here who wants to kill millions without asking the people living in Crimea about what do they really want. So, thanks again for debunking your fake “values” and showing your true sadist, warmongering nature, little hypocrite.

    • jj says:

      this mismanagement and corruption you are talking about are distinctly russian qualities. After collapse of soviet union there were a lot of countries in ruins. Now, 25 years after, we see how prosperous and modern most of those countries have become (e.g. baltic states). Only russia still hangs around in the ass of the world, blaming everything and everyone for their problems, instead of real culprits – corrupt government and especially that pygmy paedophile of a president of theirs.

      • Oscar Goldman says:

        –“Only russia still hangs around in the ass of the …”. Wrong. Russia had an economic GDP growth between 7 to 10% each year, for more than a decade. Ukraine didn’t, remained stagnant and it is still bankrupt, according to the IMF. Go and tell the IMF they are “wrong”, according to your bigoted imagination. LOL.

        –“blaming everything and everyone for their problems, instead of real…” Besides being all wrong above, seems you’re describing yourself now. I wonder how it feels to hate and to wish death to millions of people. Go ahead, rant some more and confirm these “values” of yours again, no problem.

        • jj says:

          do you even understand what you’re trying to say? Because I sure don’t. I guess going without script isn’t that easy …

          • Oscar Goldman says:

            If you don’t know what is economic growth and a nation’s GDP, that explains your (failed) fantasies in every post. And that’s all you have. Pity…
            Please confirm it again.

            About your peference to hate millions of people with no rational basis, well that’0s only up to you.

          • Ball Breaker says:

            “jj”, it seems (again) that your panicked warmogerning fervor is messing with your Reading skills and common knowledge. If you have any, of course. Who knows?

            • jj says:

              it seems red mist is messing with your writing skills. If you had them in the first place , that is :DD

              • Ball Breaker says:

                “jj”, Are you Still having problems with the concepts of Economic Growth and GDP? Too difficult for you? Please confirm it (again).
                Thanks for the laughs.

  4. somejoe says:

    What a difference a few years makes.

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