11 Russian Invention Can Create Safe Passages in the Mine Fields!

Russian Invention Can Create Safe Passages in the Mine Fields!

Posted on February 16, 2016 by tim


Take a look at this video! This is how Russian invention that’s called “TROPA” or “the path” in English works. It’s very helpful for minesweepers – it creates a “path” or “tropa” inside of the mine field for the troops safely pass thru. The most interesting in this is how it works. The process involves a small rocket. A soldier ties a hose full of explosives to this rocket and launches it. It flies to the other end of the mine field and lands there with the explosives hose attached. Then the operator explodes this hose and this way a safe way appears inside the mine field! Watch this short video to see it in action!




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11 Responses to “Russian Invention Can Create Safe Passages in the Mine Fields!”

  1. Rabbi Goldstein says:

    Give it to Israel now you antisemites!!

  2. Darius says:

    What part of it is invention? Russia alone has at least 10 models of it – starting from these small ones, to the big, vehicle mounted systems. I think some of them were already available at least during Afghanistan war. Many other countries also have their own versions of this system.

  3. Tom says:

    This isn’t a new invention, they were first invented in the 1940’s by the UK and various versions are used by militaries all over the world.
    This is the first man-portable version I’ve seen howver.

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