6 Tactical Flight Training Of Su-25SM Aircraft

Tactical Flight Training Of Su-25SM Aircraft

Posted on February 12, 2016 by team

These are pictures of the recent tactical flight training of attack aircraft held at the air base “Chernigovka” in Primorye (Far East of Russia).

By now Su-25 are the only planes able to carry the highly powerful complex of armament for destruction of ground and air targets (air bombs, aircraft guns, free flight air-to-ground missiles and guided air-to-air missiles.


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6 Responses to “Tactical Flight Training Of Su-25SM Aircraft”

  1. john says:

    Excellent photo’s, interesting aircraft.

  2. Sergei says:

    I wonder how wonderful country Russia would be if they’d concentrate improving the country instead of spending money for stupid war manouvers. How much good would that money do for the country that is now spent for military purposes?? Stupid, stupid…

    • Bob says:

      Sergei, you’re a fool.

      – Russia has many enemies
      – many armies have passed through Russia
      – Russia has the largest border in the world
      – the US and its buddies want to dismember or dramatically weaken Russia

      Ergo, Russia needs to have a powerful deterrent, namely a powerful, modern military.

      With a name like Sergei you should know this, but then, you’re probably Ukrainian.

    • "Cover me, Porkins!" says:

      “Sergei”, Tell that to the Americans. They can’t cover at all their gigantic Military Budget every year, so their huge 18 Trillion Debt just keeps getting bigger with no stop sign in sight. I wonder how wonderful country the US would be if they concentrate in other things different from constant warmongering…

  3. Chac Mool says:

    Nice plane. I heard it’s a good, reliable training aircraft. Many nations also like the price, and buy it for ground attack, with good results.

  4. No Mame says:

    Don’t worry so much “Sergei”, this is a very cheap plane, and works fine. Russia spends 10 times less in armamament than the US, and has no debt problems, even with today’s trouble… Why so scared?

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