28 Night of Demolition in Moscow: Over One Hundred Shops Destroyed Overnight!

Night of Demolition in Moscow: Over One Hundred Shops Destroyed Overnight!

Posted on February 9, 2016 by tim

This night over one hundred shops were demolished in Moscow. Moscow people woke up in completely different looking cities – a lot of their favorite shops are destroyed. The reason is simple,  not having their property papers in order.  Never before have Moscow authorities demolished so many shops at once. Usually they did it one by one after the court order. But now they can demolish them at will – no more court orders are needed due to the new law. Thanks to this they destroyed over one hundred stores this night – different size from small ones to really huge ones. Let’s see in detail, thanks to cool Russian blogger Ilya who took an effort to photograph the operation:



As you can see some of the destroyed buildings are over three stories tall.

The property owners were warned in Decemeber that they are going to be demolished, however many of them have rented out their shops to smaller businesses for long periods of time – years ahead, and didn’t warned them. So many small business owners were surprised – arrived at their workplace in the morning today to find out that it is totally demolished together with all their goods and sales equipment.


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28 Responses to “Night of Demolition in Moscow: Over One Hundred Shops Destroyed Overnight!”

  1. Alain says:

    If only Putin was as swift with all cheaters in the country. Including himself. But, unfortunately the chief vor v zakone is not that honest and prefers to keep as much money as possible for himself and his friends…

    • Ball Breaker says:

      ….Relax, “Alain”. Try to cheat taxes and build something without papers (in whatever city you live), and let me know wjhat happens.

    • Oscar Goldman says:

      “Alain”, your tremendous indignation can only be justified if you don’t like to put cheaters and crooks in prison (or if you are a crook yourself). Who knows?

  2. Tom says:

    Why were all these shops demolished? And why was it all done in one night?
    Had they not paid taxes or something?

  3. Alain says:

    Not a single word about the fact that the owners of the shops won their 32 lawsuits against Sobianin, the mayor of Moscow. So this means the destruction was illegal… Maybe Sobianin wanted some more room for his friends, or more car parks managed by the Rotenberg brothers, other Putin’s friends ?

    Will this post be deleted ? Like the others ?

    • Ball Breaker says:

      …”Alain”, if you’re a Mobster used to build things illegally (and profit from them breaking all laws), your emotional complaints are very understandable.
      Now, keep crying…

      –“…Will this post be deleted ?… No. Unfortunetaley, we can see how your compulsive hatred against millions of people, turns to embarrass yourself in every post.

  4. Jennifer Guernsey says:

    It’s not clear, exactly, what sort of “papers” should be in order her. But I find the demolition of buildings for this reason to be extreme and wasteful. In the US, there are consequences for things like this, but none of them involved demolishing the building. The only instance I can think of where we might demolish a building is if the building does not meet the building safety code. But in most cases the punishment is either a fine, or repossession of the building (by the government or by the mortgage holder). Not demolition.

  5. Alain says:

    Just wait a bit to see what will replace them, and you’ll find the beneficiary of the crime (because it is a crime, as the shops were legal, according to the 32 suits they won). Putin’s way to make business…

    • Ball Breaker says:

      …”Just wait a bit to see what will replace them, and…”. LOL. Next time “Alain”, try to build something without corrupting people and cheating. Then you (and your Mob Boss) will avoid these embarrassments.

      And please try to control your compulsive Russophobia. You’re becoming a kind of entertainments here.

    • Oscar Goldman says:

      “Alain”, why so scared?? LOL. I don’t think that Putin is in charge of a Moscow district and its local mobsters building thigs illegally. See, there is a Moscow Mayor, and Russia is a BIG country.

      But in your paranoid imagination (or uncontrollable hatred), everything is possible! Possibly Putin is beneath your bed right now!

  6. John says:

    I sure hope Vladimir Putin is NOT responsible for this! because if he is – I just lost all respect for him. That is not the Christian way of doing things. That is pure evil and completely unacceptable!
    For Shame!!!! Somebody needs an ass kicking!!!!

    • Oscar Goldman says:

      No, “John”. That’s the job of the City Mayor. It’s funny to think that Putin himself is checking each construction built by local Mobsters without permission. Or in charge of parking spaces, or clearing street potholes…

      Anyway, many panicked warmongers here are infuriated by pics with beautiful landscapes and other unrelated (scary!) things like that, so well… Whatever that fills up their paranoia, will do.

  7. tom bauer says:

    interesting replies given no one really seems to know or explain exactly what was done and what led to this. i suspect all those buildings were very illegal and associated with crime but who really knows? ER should post the real back story about these things to help us understand life in Russia.

  8. RB says:

    If the shops are illegal then why didn’t someone stop them when they started to build? Right inside Moscow as well bummer.

    • www says:

      Many buildings were built in the 90s. Owners cheated and falsified documents or received permission to mobile pavilion, which can be transported, not capital construction. Then this place built capital building without permission

    • Asmodeus says:

      It seems the builders cheated first to build them (and many other further permits). I’m not sure, too, but when that happens, demolition is the answer against constructions that shouldn’t be built in the first place.

  9. Alain says:

    Ball Breaker and Oscar Goldman : I’m sure you can explain why the guys won 32 suits, and the mayor decided, nevertheless, to destroy their legal property ? Russian way to do business (not only Putin, but also his friends, here Sobianin) : I steal what I want (remember Yukos)…

    And that’s not russophobia. Otherwise, there are at least 15 millions of Russians who are russophobic. That’s just being fed up of corruption, in a country that we otherwise love (some of the Russian leaving the country because of that – sometimes as political refugees – the most important community in France for example, how strange for such a peace-loving country !). And that’s certainly not being blind at everything wrong the leadership of the country does…

    • Ball Breaker says:

      Of course, “Alain”:

      Associated Press–“Many of the buildings popped up in the 1990s and early 2000s and were loved and hated by Muscovites for being both convenient pit stops near the metro as well as eyesores.
      The city said the structures were substandard, would pose obstacles to search and rescue teams in an emergency, and were built without proper permissions.
      Mayor Sergey Sobyanin said the owners of the demolished structures will be offered rental properties elsewhere in the city and that the reclaimed areas will be cleaned up”.

      Moscow Times –“Sobyanin isn’t the first mayor of the Russian capital to target kiosks. His predecessor, the wily, long-ruling Yury Luzhkov, ordered the removal of the structures citywide on at least two occasions in the 1990s, when they flourished in the wake of the Soviet collapse as a quick and easy solution to the problem of dreary and poorly stocked supermarkets”.

      So, if (according to you only) “15 million Russians are fed up with corruption”, they are also fed up with you supporting it, and your empty antics full of paranoid hatred.

    • Oscar Goldman says:

      –“why the guys won 32 suits…” Really? Whithout building and operation papers? I’m sure you can explain that, “Alain”. And your Mob Boss too.

      By the way “Alain”, please let me know if cleaning up the crowded Moscow Metro of illegal constructions and illegal businesses, is the job of the City Mayor, or the President of Russia. Maybe you want him fixing traffic lights at your corner (wherever you live in this world), or picking up street garbage and delivering your mail –according to you.

  10. Vijay says:

    On Behalf of Martus Ministry, I pray to Jesus to send his angels, ministers to support and guide all those affected due to this destruction including the City Officials, the Crew that did this and finally the business owners, employees and clients. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

  11. Oscar Goldman says:

    “And that’s not russophobia…”. From you “Alain”? LOL. Then please let me know if it’s only your compulsive fear, hate and warmongering, shown by your terrified posts in nice pictorials of clean Airliner Factories, Musuems, forensic Science Centers and beautiful 100 year old pics of Churches and Landscapes. That’s some threatening and SCARY stuff! … At least, for you.


  12. Mandea says:

    Good job! Maybe you could lend us your Moscow mayor for a couple of weeks here in Bucharest, Romania… This way we could also get rid of our improvised shops that are even uglier than yours.

  13. Peter Nebelung says:

    A bit extreme but it works. Here in my town we had some rich guy build a mansion without papers back in the early 80s. Now here it sits, empty, the guy can’t live there, can’t sell it and still has to pay taxes on it. The city won’t demolish it, probable pour encourager les autres.

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