32 Russia in 1851 as Seen By Americans

Russia in 1851 as Seen By Americans

Posted on January 26, 2016 by tim

So this is a picture book published in New York in 1854 telling the story of an American traveller going to Russia and what he saw there. To make it more gloomy he called his book “A Knout and the Russians”. Knout is a whip, a thing which used to raise the horses etc and also used to punish people in Russia, in public. Interesting pictures and happily with embed English captions. Welcome inside:


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32 Responses to “Russia in 1851 as Seen By Americans”

  1. Horst says:

    At the time, the Americans were happy killing Natives and enslaving Blacks. Yes, with a lot of whips… As in Russia, things couldn’t remain the same for long and both countries faced terrible civil wars.

    • Papa Karlo says:

      Not really true about the blacks. No new black slaves were brought to US in 19th century, all slaves were brought to the US before.
      And the American Civil war was not about freeing the slaves, that’s a lie, it was about succession of the South who did not want to be enslaved by the federal tyrants in Washington. In fact, Lincoln himself in speeches said that he did not object against slavery and promised to keep slavery in the South if they agree to stay in the Union.

      • Oscar Goldman says:

        You see, “Papa Karlo”, enslaving people and killing most of your natives, are not nice things to do. If today you can’t do that, well, you can whine and cry some more, little racist demented hypocrite. Love your “values”.

  2. Nergol says:

    Can’t flout the knout.

  3. Not Quite a Yank, yet. says:

    The question is, just how many Americans have immigrated to Russia. Against the vast numbers of Russians immigrating to the America’s.
    I guess we can pretend the discrepancy means nothing. Denial is better if we pretend reality.

    • Ball Breaker says:

      Immigrants have been rushing to Moscow for the last twenty years, and not only to Moscow, but to cities all over Russia. After the US, Russia is the country receiving more immigrants in the world, and growing.


    • Oscar Goldman says:

      “Not Quite a Yank”. Uhh… According to the UN, Russia is the second largest haven for immigrants in the world (only after the US). This means the US is fine, and Russia is not so bad as you would like to “suppose”.

      • Not Quite a Yank, yet. says:

        You are wrong bucko, Sweden is number one. Per native resident to immigrant ratio. Not to mention the immigrant per land mass ratio, which even with the new slow down is wide open mass imigration. Heck, Thanks to Jordan, America is a distant third. But why bother with facts.

        • Cover me, Porkins! says:

          It seems the UN data refers to absolut Volume. The US and Russia are No. 1 and No.2. The UN didn’t care about the small and aging population of Sweden.

  4. Oscar Goldman says:

    “Not Quite a Yank”. Wrong? No. According to the UN, Russia is the second largest haven for immigrants in the world (only after the US). Read this again if you don’t understand. Sweden would be speaking Spanish or Arabic with only a small fraction of the migrants that these 2 nations receive every year. Read again if you still want to just troll here and fail. Again…

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