25 The Newest And Probably the Best Aircraft Plant of Russia

The Newest And Probably the Best Aircraft Plant of Russia

Posted on January 22, 2016 by team

“Aviastar-SP” is the largest aircraft maker in Russia. Based in Ulyanovsk, it produces a heavy transport craft, Il-76MD-90A, and the passenger plane, Tu-204. It used to make the biggest cargo planes An-124 “Ruslan” as well. Today it only provides their maintenance.

Currently “Aviastar-SP” participates in production of a new long-haul aircraft, the MS-21 – Sukhoi Superjet 100.

We are going to join blogger gelio and have a closer look at the working process of the company.

The aircraft complex was founded in Ulyanovsk in 1976, it’s the newest aircraft corporation in Russia.

Production facilities occupy hundreds of hectares – more than a thousand.

The main office of “Aviastar” has an unusual design, not so typical for Soviet architecture. The decorative capsule atop was made in 1987 with help of helicopter Mi-10. This lattice structure made the building 100 meters higher.

“Aviastar” is a vertically integrated factory – starting from metal casting and going all the way through to the delivery of a completed product to a customer.

Production consists of several stages. Following the necessary preparation, the aircraft components go to the assembly shop.

About ten thousand people are occupied at the factory.

Almost 1/3 of all personnel are workers under 35.

Production is provided by more than 400 equipment units.

Mechanized central warehouse where finished components are stored.

They have plenty of work to do, some shops work are double-shifted, when necessary people work overtime.  

Aircraft tail.


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25 Responses to “The Newest And Probably the Best Aircraft Plant of Russia”

  1. Alain says:

    Hopefully nothing stolen from Ukraine here ? But who knows ? Russia has stolen at least 10 factories related to military production in occupied Donbas, so there are certainly some things stolen in this one…

  2. Horst says:

    Guess Alain forgets that Donbass has been “occupied” by the people that has lived there for centuries. Ah, the joys of hating “other” people…

  3. Oscar Goldman says:

    It’s funny to see how a nice Airliner Plane Factory can be so annoying and scary for some people. It should be tough to live in that state of irrational paranoia.

  4. john says:

    Great posting,and excellent photo’s.

  5. Reader says:

    Does Putin fly on any of these planes?
    Does he drive a Lada limo?
    Thought so… hehe

  6. Reader says:

    What a humble head of state. We should take an example and all drive Ladas and fly Russian passenger planes. “Mr Putin stays at more than 20 palaces and country retreats and has 58 planes and helicopters. The report also claims he uses a private jet with an £110 million cabin which has a bathroom with gold fittings and a £50,000 toilet” Golden toilet on a Ilyushin? How fitting hehe

    • Another Reader says:

      Report? Written by whom? You? Sorry, the Russian President’s Plane is an espacially equipped Ilyushin, and the ZIL limos are still in use…
      Let me know if the US Airforce One is a Cessna and Obama`s car is a Ford Focus.

    • Frequent Flier says:

      “Does Putin fly on any of these planes?…”
      Yes: Ilyushin Il-96-300PU, called ‘Command Point’. Russian Presidents fly Russian planes.

      You don’t Read very well do you?
      He he he

    • Writer says:

      Hehe… In the 2013-2014 fiscal year (ended March 31) the content of Queen Elizabeth II and her family cost British to 35.7 million pounds ($ 60.9 million), according to a report published by the Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the monarch.

      Another important item of expenditure of the Queen and her family are traveling and visits. In the past year for these purposes from the state budget was spent 4.2 million pounds ($ 7.2 million).

      • Lucas says:

        That is correct. The Royal family costs the British people about 40 pound in one year. However, the revenue of all Royal assets actually EARNS the United Kingdom 200 million pound. That means that the United Kingdom EARNS 160 million pound profit of the Royal family.

        Putin on the other side, has an estimated wealth of 200 billion dollar. Putin has been working for the state since 1975, but only in 1998 he got a job with real power. Since except of investing his money he did not really have any other source of income except corruption and his salary from the state this 200 billion dollar is probably paid by the Russians themselves.
        That means that every person in Russia has given 77 dollar to Putin since 1998! To put that in perspective, every citizen of England actually earns about 1 dollar from the Royal family!

        • Lucas says:

          Edit: Has given 77 dollar each year.

          • Cover me, Porkins! says:

            “an estimated wealth of 200 billion dollar…”. LOL. Really? Because you say so? Where is this money deposited? In Which lucky bank? 200 Billion is a BIG amount. Its almost 3 times the Bill Gates fortune. Its Half the US Budget Deficit this year, or 10% of US TOTAL Debt. But I guess you didn’t know these things when you wrote this fantasy. Where did you read this? Your toilet paper?

          • Oscar Goldman says:

            “Lucas”, when your paranoid Russophobia prompts you to fantasize things, try to make them a bit more realistic.

            This nice plane factory must be too scary SCARY for you.
            Thanks for the laughs!

    • ED says:

      All of this palaces – government property, and the plane too.

  7. Ulrich says:

    The Russian offical president’s plane is a highly modified and especial Ilyushin, 96 operated by Rossiya Airlines, and is much bettet than any “private jet” you can imagine. LOL.

    Tell Barack to “set the example”, (with the US $18 Trillion Debt and $5 Trillion Deficit in mind) and fly an humble Huey chopper and drive a GMC truck. Im’r sure you’ll understand the constraints. Hehehehe

  8. Oscar Goldman says:

    “Reader”, you should actually Read better before you get owned. Many times…. This is fun.

  9. Johann says:


    —“We should take an example and all drive Ladas and fly Russian passenger planes.” Perhaps, you should start immediately! Air Force One costs $660 Million, and it’s replacement (already ordered) costs 3 BILLION. That’s a lot of cabins and toilets in a plane, hehehe… Small wonder you’re in chronic debts and deficits. I suppose that explains your big concern (and embarrassments) in this section. Please, confirm it again.

  10. Martinus van Brederode says:

    That’s a nice series.
    It’s interesting how the huge hangar doors sport the slogan ‘thank you for the work’ (or ‘labour’?). A friendly human touch that one does not usually see in any large factory anywhere. I wonder how it would be to work for this company.

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