24 Free and Happy Soviet People

Free and Happy Soviet People

Posted on January 22, 2016 by tim

According to the title, this selection of photos should show you free and happy Soviet people. They named it this way, because it was first published somewhere in the middle 1960s in Russia, and a lot of people really were happy after their country was rebuilt after a devastating war, and they were also pretty free, at least financially, not having any house loans, or anything like this. However, it’s up to you decide if these are propaganda photos or true record of the life of the Soviet people of that time.

Soviet celebrity miner Stakhanov (in the middle).


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24 Responses to “Free and Happy Soviet People”

  1. dick says:

    This shit sucks

  2. Arvo says:

    I’m sure that they were happy in some moments, some of them maybe less, and some of them even more than people on the west. Nobody understand that these people were very poor and in USSR they got something more than they had. It’s not much if you compare it to the western people but enough.

  3. Muzzlehatch says:

    Stakhanov died a lonely alcoholic.

  4. Nergol says:

    Of course people look happy and free in these pictures. Because if you look sad and oppressed in official propaganda picture, you go to Gulag.

    • Arvo says:

      Do you know anything about russian and soviet history? I suppose that you just wanted to be funny.
      You should check pictures of English and Irish miners and workers or poor Americans from that period also. Also you got to be aware of the specific period to have complete picture. Just for example


    • Horst says:

      Nice try… Propaganda and Gulag threats can’t make a backward country into an industrial Global Super Power like the Soviet Union.

      • Nergol says:

        Building nuclear power plants like Chernobyl that blow up and poison thousands of people isn’t something that makes up for the fact that you built gulags. Quite the opposite, actually.

        Soviet Union = Gulag, Holodomor, Chernobyl. What kind of fool would be happy with that?

        • Oscar Goldman says:

          “like Chernobyl that blow up and poison…”. Like the Three Mile Island? Fukushima? Then you talk by experience, LOL… But, no, you need more than threats to best Hitler and soon later build up a Super Power, like the Soviet Union once was. Try to figure it out, go ahead. It’s fun!

        • Oscar Goldman says:

          like Chernobyl that blow up and poison…”. Like the Three Mile Island? Fukushima? Then you talk by experience, LOL… But, no, you need more than threats to smash Hitler and soon later build up a Super Power, like the Soviet Union once was. Try to figure it out, go ahead. It’s fun!

    • Dragi says:

      Pay no attention to the trolls!
      Even the most ardent pro-westerners and fans of capitalism must be convinced in these days that the less you own the more free you feel.

  5. Martin Barlow says:

    No real difference between official or corporate publicity photographs taken anywhere. It’s all basically propaganda.

    • Horst says:

      LIFE Magazine was (and is) one of the best sources of Westerrn style propaganda. It looks pretty similar to this. Give it a try.

  6. Oscar Goldman says:

    People look happy because most of them were. These people could see how their country rised all their living standards for decades, and turned into a World Super Power, even sending people to space. If all was mishandled in the last few years, that’s another story.

  7. john says:

    Great photo’s.

  8. Jon says:

    Compared to the US propaganda machine the Soviets were babes in arms. Fortunately, more and more people are catching on to the bovine by product every day.

  9. L Tuggle says:

    I wish there were captions to explain the pictures. I didn’t know that there was actually a miner named Stakanov, I assumed he was just a Stalinist myth (he dug 50,000 kilos of coal in one shift, etc.)When I came back from a visit to Russia in 1967 and told people about the soft drink vending machines with a common glass and that people had to wait their turn to use the glass, no one believed me. We thought that the USSR was similar in development to the US and that we were falling behind. A great propaganda triumph for the Kremlin.

    • Horst says:

      It was the Cold War, remember? The problem was that the US was left without enemies (and without anything to justify their enormous militry budget). If you don’t have an enemy, you have to provoke (or invent) one. With propaganda fermongering and everything included….
      So, it seems we are entering a new one, and the US military corporations and creditors are quite happy.

  10. Philip Owen says:

    I am sure that at those moments they were happy. The photos of industrial depression in America and Europe were also propaganda photos for the purposes of building political support. They were also only part of the story. Compared to previous generations, the Soviet citizens, certainly the Slavs, were experiencing material progress, simultaneously with famine.

  11. p51d007 says:

    “free and happy Soviet people”

    Yeah, at the end of the barrel of a gun!

    • No Mame says:

      Many people from Europe say the same about American Kids and their Gun Detector Schools… And still there a lot of shootings every year. See? It’s easy to have funny stereotypes.

  12. Tutan Camon says:

    Happy people only in the last photo.

  13. ironwolf says:

    Free ?

    • The Return of the Porkins! says:

      After the Tsar was enslaving them in total ignorance for centuries, well… they sure were more happy.

  14. Alex says:

    This is the time of my parents. And they too were happy and carefree. Didn’t have to fear for tomorrow. Don’t need to fear about losing your job, that will have nothing to feed their children, that they will not be able to pay for school, college or medical services.

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