12 Russian city Petrozavodsk under heavy snow falls

Russian city Petrozavodsk under heavy snow falls

Posted on January 13, 2016 by tim

The Russian city of Petrozavodsk was hit by cyclone Daniella today, which resulted in very heavy snowfalls. In a matter of just a few hours, the city was drowning in snow. Sometimes the snow drifts were as high as 1.5 meters tall. Petrozavodsk is a city with a population of 300,000, and is the capital of the Karelia region bordering Finland and Norway. It’s not a small city, so in an instant, the traffic got stuck. Huge city trolleybuses – electric powered buses – are not meant to go through thick layers of snow on the city streets so they began stopping and blocking the way for others. Let’s see how it was thanks to local photographer Igor P.:

The local authorities went onto the streets too, armed with shovels as an example of self help in an urgent situation. This guy with a shovel is a Karelian governor and is clearing snow next to one of the city’s maternity hospitals.

People were rather frustrated, the temperature outside is -14 and they had to wait at bus stops for hours as trolleybuses and buses were stuck on the roads.


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12 Responses to “Russian city Petrozavodsk under heavy snow falls”

  1. Phill Mazur says:

    man, I wish we had also so much snow

  2. Oscar Goldman says:

    …And now you know: Russia can be COLD!

  3. Dingo8mybaby says:

    And this is why I moved to Australia.

  4. Muzzlehatch says:

    What is a little snow to a Russian!

  5. ausGeoff says:

    Is there any logical reason as to why these 35 images couldn’t be posted on one single page? Having to click through a couple of images at a time is extremely annoying. I just can’t be bothered. Sorry.

  6. Asmodeus says:

    I returned to this site after a two or three year abscence. Pictures were posted everyday, but now… I don’t know. Once a week? 2 weeks? Is this normal?

  7. Finn says:

    It is Petroskoi – Carelian (Finnish) city.

  8. StoLife says:

    Yes Igor thank you for this.

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