7 Russian Acoustic Guitar Makers from Bobrovo Russia

Russian Acoustic Guitar Makers from Bobrovo Russia

Posted on January 13, 2016 by tim

It might be a surprising fact for you but in Russia there are still a few factories producing guitars. During Soviet times, Russian people had to buy mostly all locally made products, so guitar manufacturers were blooming. Then, Russia opened its markets to foreign merchandise and many ex-Soviet factories went bankrupt. Many think that Russian guitar makers went bankrupt too and aren’t producing anything now, Chinese stuff is cheaper and often better made. However this is not true, and this is one example of an old Soviet guitar maker that is still making acoustic guitars. Thanks to Russian photo blogger Andrei who went there and took photos we can see what the Russian guitar maker looks like from inside.

This factory has been working since 1974. At first it was Soviet state property, now it’s a private venture.

There is a factory outlet on its grounds selling all of their products at half the price of them in music instruments stores. In total, this factory makes over twenty different guitar models.


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7 Responses to “Russian Acoustic Guitar Makers from Bobrovo Russia”

  1. Simon Hart says:

    Does this company have a website? I would like to buy one of their guitars?

  2. Tobbe says:

    Is it Bobrovo near the Kursk region?

  3. ausGeoff says:

    Is there any logical reason as to why these 29 images couldn’t be posted on one single page? Having to click through a couple of images at a time is extremely annoying. I just can’t be bothered. Sorry.

  4. paul says:

    Very low tech.probably very bad quality sound. Makes Chinese guitars look good. Plywood body, plywood neck, made in primitive conditions, no humidity controls, probably no neck adjustment. You would have to be desperate for one of these guitars. Or have no money for a better quality guitar. low price…low quality. Not impressed , but surprised they are still in business. Yes, I am a guitar player. I also collect Russian electric guitars from the 1960s – 1980s. I have 7 of them. They are very low quality also…but they are very FUNKY and interesting.

  5. Dana says:

    Interested in going to guitar factory, does anyone know or have the address or contact information for the guitar factory ?

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