7 Album of Russian Top Beauties 1904

Album of Russian Top Beauties 1904

Posted on January 11, 2016 by tim

Here we have a booklet called “Album of Russian Top Beauties”. Famous actresses, media personalities and wives of rich men – all gathered togethered. The only catch here is that it was published in 1904, so your perception of beauty and attractiveness might have changed greatly over the last 112 years. Want to test yourself to see if you still find those Russian Top Ladies attractive? Girls from many parts of the Russian Empire are listed – Polish girls and Swedish girls (Finnish-Swedish), Jewish and Ukrainian and even Buryatian (which is indigenous SIberia). Take a look!

An actress.

Just ladies.


7 Responses to “Album of Russian Top Beauties 1904”

  1. Ron says:

    Women from those years somehow all look the same.

  2. Oscar Goldman says:

    Just two things:
    1) Our beauty standards have changed A LOT in 100 years or so…
    2) That’s album of the old Russian Empire. It was so diverse.

  3. Jo patt says:

    amazing to see the variety of costumes, hair styles, jewelry, hats on these beautiful women. also to see the curl on the forehead on top of page 4 woman, desired for the next 30 years of beauty! Imagine the lives they lived.

  4. Memeito says:

    The makeup and hair makes them all look the same…

  5. ausGeoff says:

    Is there any logical reason as to why all these images couldn’t be posted on one single page? Having to click through two images at a time is extremely annoying. I just can’t be bothered. Sorry.

  6. George says:

    Very interesting!
    The look are much more voluptuous back then, rather than malnourished with todays look.
    German Russian lady reminds me of Engela Merkal. A real battle axe face!
    I think prettiest are Kossack, Belorussian, Russian & jewish ladies. Most interesting is Buryatia lady. What a costume.

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