9 40 Craziest Russian Balconies

40 Craziest Russian Balconies

Posted on November 29, 2015 by tim

Since the demise of the Soviet state, most Russians found themselves living in typical old Soviet buildings. Most of the buildings had balconies and this is where the urge for individuality was expressed. People started heavily modifying their balconies for a number of reasons. Firstly, most of the balconies were just open air balconies and were not isolated from the outside, so they couldn’t be used in winter, or during rains, etc. So the first stage of modding a balcony was to turn it into a sort of room to be able to use it all year round. Since everyone was doing this job independent of other people living in the same apartment building the balcony room designs emerged with a really diverse variety. And since every balcony was individually designed, people started to decorate them, often very heavily. So let’s see what happened with this selection of what might be the forty most crazily modded Russian balconies!

Some people were not happy with their typical brick or concrete building designs so they wanted some antiquity added, like this one.

Sometimes people were not happy with the small size of their apartments and bought neighboring apartments to make one large one from two smaller ones, some bought side by side, some purchased the apartment above and made their apartment a duplex. So some had now two balconies and connected them one to the other with a ladder like here.

This guy just wanted to show he likes C2H50H or spirits and also liked a cheburashka and a fox.

Some pink style.

Some use their balconies as pet houses for dogs

or cats!

Some don’t want to make their balconies better, they just put all of the things they don’t need there. However look, the balcony above is nicely modded and the balcony down below has been modded too, so the three of them look totally different.

Another example of hoarding on a balcony.

And here is example of hoarding taken to a new level with extended walls turned into shelves.

Another hoarder who used to be a plant grower.

This one is the king of the balconies – with three separate rooms, with additional supports going down to the ground. Look how it is different from all other around.

And here is the modification of a balcony in the making. The process itself sometimes is very dangerous as you can see from this pic.

This one is a BOSS.

And this guy is fond of rims.

And this one in the middle has no floor, so the guy who lives there probably says to his guests – hey go and smoke on the balcony, and then boom and down he goes.

Sometimes people literally live on the balconies.

Or make friendly relations between balconies to achieve common goals – like setting up a clothes line. Also see how different the other balconies on this building are.

A cage balcony.

An overgrown balcony. Look at how subtly the air conditioning unit is hidden INSIDE the balcony.

A fake balcony – there is no door to access it.

Avengers balcony.

Tinted glass balcony.

An emergency exit instead of the balcony.

No more balcony and they also forgot their bathtub!

Well this is something new here.

A balcony on a balcony.

This balcony probably belongs to a bus driver.

Here the balcony owners like it to be dark inside. Just one window.

Rolled out.

Ha, this one is cool. You know what are those boxes right? If not – those are beehives. Just imagine how surprised the neighbors were when they saw this.

Like a boss – 2.

An extra support for your balcony. Also please note how the windows frames are also different from one apartment to another.

A stork nest balcony. Why do they need this at all?

One more hoarder who got creative with his stuff.

A beer can balcony.

A pharaoh’s balcony.

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9 Responses to “40 Craziest Russian Balconies”

  1. Geoff says:

    How are most of these even legal, as an engineer and having come from a construction background – these are just dangerous. Some have completely compromised the structural integrity of the building, one small tremor and the whole thing will collapse

  2. -Eli- says:

    First ever

  3. Vijay says:

    Thanks for sharing those great ideas. Good Collection. Made me google for balcony transform ideas and found some really good ones. As long as it is safe it is ok.

  4. John says:

    This is freedom. It requires that people respect each others freedom.

  5. fiz says:


  6. mittens says:


  7. EditS says:

    very creative, and very safe ;-))))

  8. EditS says:

    I think my favorit the loo with the view;-)

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