9 Tiger and Goat are Best Friends Now in Primorye Zoo

Tiger and Goat are Best Friends Now in Primorye Zoo

Posted on November 27, 2015 by tim



Now they go for a walk together and even get fed together. The tiger never mixes up his friend with his other food he eats and always eats aside from the goat.




Thousands of Russian people watch for the updates now. They are eager to see each day what’s going on with this unusual pair. So the zoo workers post updates daily now. For example now they noticed that the tiger protects the goat from people. If people approach the goat, the tiger hisses and acts aggressively. Zoo workers say that they hadn’t noticed such behavior of a tiger before.




Also the workers say that each night the goat and the tiger smell each other before going to sleep.



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9 Responses to “Tiger and Goat are Best Friends Now in Primorye Zoo”

  1. Vijay says:

    The tiger was lonely and wanted friend, close company. Both animals are connected via intuitive feelings, hence the mutual bond.

  2. Thomas says:

    Too bad humans can not get along like this. Maybe the Tiger and Goat are smarter.

  3. tom bauer says:

    that tiger must be very sad and lonely

  4. www says:

    Tiger has eaten a goat. It was his delayed lunch

  5. Lenin-McCarthy says:

    Signs of the times?

  6. Oscar Goldman says:

    Little piece of advice: Never trust cats

  7. Someone says:

    Test posten

  8. kupilih says:

    they are both look confused !
    But funny pic !

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