5 Rabbati: Ancient Turkish Osman Church in Georgia

Rabbati: Ancient Turkish Osman Church in Georgia

Posted on November 23, 2015 by tim

This city has nothing special about it, says Alexander, a Russian blogger and traveller who is known to take awesome photos of places he visits. It’s just an old “Soviet” town in Georgia, only its nature makes it stand out a bit. But what makes it really interesting is an ancient stone fortress called “Rabbati”. This fortification was built in sixteen century by Turkish military. Let’s see how it looks now!

So the fortress was built in sixteen century. It was destroyed but rebuilt recently to attract more tourists. Ironically, the name of the surrounding town is translated as “New Fortress”.

The rest of the town, says Alexander, is totally not interesting. The only renovated street is the main street.

However the fortress, he says, is awesome. He especially liked the views his DJI flying camera drone took.

From outside you can see how the old fortress walls connect to the newly rebuilt parts.

He says that some people might argue that its not good to rebuild the old ruins – its better to preserve them how they were. However in this fortress, most of its parts were completely destroyed and this way the feel of a medieval era was re-created.

Where else you can get inside a real Turkish fortress?

This all was done to attract tourists in this depressed region. And according to the Georgian department of tourism this worked out well. Over100,000 people come here annually now.

You can’t call it a fully historical sight, but rather a nice place to visit, taste local cuisine and wine and chill out.

He says that one year before, in 2014 it was nearly empty, most of the property not rented out. But now its very busy. Can’t say by just looking at this photo above though.


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  1. unclemymy says:

    I vote for “cool”.

  2. john says:

    Who ever did the restoration work,should be commended.What a terrific job.

  3. Mister Twister says:


    Georgia is not Russia though.

  4. hanım sultan says:

    doğum yeri altındağ sisteminizde altındağ yok ne olacak şimdi uye olamıyoruz

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