15 Bright Moments in Life of USSR People

Bright Moments in Life of USSR People

Posted on November 23, 2015 by tim

Some call those photos propaganda, some are being nostalgic and think this was the best of what happened to Russia and her people ever. Those photos are very bright and show a really bright side of life in the state which disappeared long ago. There are no actors in the photos, no models, just people caught having a good time. Take a look at this really interesting set of photos. First photo above is Crimea in 1963.

“Den Neptuna” or Day of Neptunus in youth camp in 1975. This was a must have holiday for all people spending their vacation on the Black Sea to dress up and party in Roman Neptunus style.

Sochi Riviera in 1970.

Green Parrot restaurant in Sochi, 1978.

Yacht voyage in Moscow region in 1963.

Moscow region, summer camping in 1967.

Gone camping at the famous Issyk Kul lake. 1959.

Wine tasting in Novorossiysk in the 1980s.

Having picnic on Don river shore in 1978.

“White Nights” in Leningrad – group of students celebrate their graduation.


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15 Responses to “Bright Moments in Life of USSR People”

  1. Edgars says:

    Best photos I ever seen from Soviet Union.

  2. Geoff says:

    The women in the first photo are very pretty, love the pics, propaganda or not – this is good

  3. Tutan Camon says:

    Great times!

  4. Stalin's Cat says:

    Russian women are the hottest birds on the planet !

  5. Silvano says:

    Somehow the girls in the forefront do not convince me. They appear way too clear and sharp compared to the rest of photo. I may be wrong but it looks Photoshopped!!

  6. Dilip Pillai says:

    True. I remember the days in the 1980s when Russians were sent in batches as tourists to India. Ofcourse it was before the Gorbachev era. As a Hospitality professional, I had the opportunity to cater to such groups, Men and beautiful women, young and elderly, engineers, doctors. They were all wonderful people and so disciplined. I remember their joy and happiness and how they enjoyed my party arrangements in the beach and danced late nights.

  7. Bugs Bunny says:

    I would highly recommend to smack your translator right on the head few times a day, just for the sh1ts and giggles. Trust me its not going to hurt him/her/it.

  8. percynjpn says:

    Nice photos! Some may have been for propaganda, but still interesting to look at.

  9. anonymous american says:

    it looks nice, and there are many pictures from old USA that look nice.

    but we lived under threat of nuclear war. every day, in the back of our minds, as children.

    if there was a way to rebuild the middle class, without the cold war, i would say yes in a heartbeat.

    maybe we will find it some day.

  10. George says:

    Great pics.

  11. Nihat Turkoglu says:

    Slavs are ugly but their girls joyfull

  12. Slaven says:

    Life was decent and laid back in USSR until gobachev came around. He destroyed it no matter what anyone sais.

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