7 Russian North: Old Wooden Architecture And Mouthwatering Cuisine

Russian North: Old Wooden Architecture And Mouthwatering Cuisine

Posted on November 20, 2015 by team

This is the Russian north, the Arkhangelsk Region, where asphalted roads are not typical. According to blogger muph, it is always nice to be there.

The Oshevensky tract stretches from Kargopol to Oshevensk. Kargopol is a big city (compared to others in the north), while Oshevensk is actually a bunch of villages united under the same title – Oshevenskoye. This place is undoubtedly another treasure of genuine beauty of Russian nature and old Russian architecture at its best.

Local people are very hospitable, they treat guests to the amazing dishes of Kargopol.


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7 Responses to “Russian North: Old Wooden Architecture And Mouthwatering Cuisine”

  1. Vijay says:

    Great collection of pictures. They look very peaceful and colorful eventho they are very old places. They remind me of Jesus who died for our sins. This is a very healing blog after all the attacks etc., in the news. Perhaps a few of them can be renovated again for use by locals.

  2. john says:

    I fined these posting’s of old churches very interesting, it’s amazing that they are still around,what a beautiful country.

  3. percynjpn says:

    Ristic and beautiful – very nice!

  4. percynjpn says:

    Very rustic and beautiful – looks like a great place to vist!

  5. Mister Twister says:

    Really pretty.

  6. Kecap Manis says:

    I can see some Russian people in the country side are very hospitable to guests.

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